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Berfa Group represents Turkey in Qatar Olympiad

Producing bases, felts and labels for the mattress industry for years, Berfa group sells its products to suppliers of the Olympiads in Qatar.

Fatih Mutlu, board member of the company, informed about export activities of his company.

 On the history company

Berfa group has been trying to increase its product quality and customer satisfaction since its establishment in the bed and sleep industry. Being a customer and productivity centered company, it emphasizes on the mutual utility between partners. Berfa aims to increase its brand value both in domestic, regional and global markets.

On export activities

Our motto is to think big and to do big for customers. Our firm emphasizes on the relations with buyers in domestic market who produce for export markets. We have increased our exports in a short time period by supplying our quality products on time. Recently we signed a contract for supplying for a project in the framework of Qatar Olympiad. This is a source of pride for us more valuable than financial gains.

On products that supplied to bed industry

We produce un-mounted base, bed felts and labels for mattresses. Sold to 22 countries the bases can be mounted in three minutes and is sold under three years of guarantee.

On export activities

Our major buyers are in the Middle East and in Africa. Periodically we export to Russian, American, Canadian and Australian markets as well. Our target for exports in 2014 is 10 million dollars.

General comments on business

Our exports are rising exponentially. We believe that marketing is not an event but a process. It is a process that has a beginning, middle but no end. You can improve it, perfect it, change it or even pause it, but you cannot end it completely. As Berfa group, our aim is to be rising and a valuable name in the market.