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Armador Mühendislik Makina aspires to be at the best point

Rising in the sector with its active and diverse working areas, the company trusts its technological structure and aims to be at the top of the sector.

Founded in 2013 within Teknokent, Armador Mühendislik Makina is a Start-Up R&D company. The company, which is preferred for its technological infrastructure and expert staff, brings many new products to the sector. The company, which entered the mattress industry in 2019, both designs and manufactures machines.

As Armador Makina, the rapidly developing company in the mattress industry serves not only in the field of machinery, but also in the supply of know-how and raw materials. The company has been meeting the bonnel spring needs of its customers with the Armadoryay company since 2017 and aims to continue its production on fully automatic lines. We received information about the structure and goals of the company from Ersin Berberoğlu, the founding partner of Armador Makina, which draws attention with its vision and strong plans for the future.

First of all, how did you enter the sector and how many years have you been continuing production as Armador Mühendislik Makina?

Armador Mühendislik Makina is a start-up R&D company established within Teknokent in 2013. Since our establishment, we have been providing high value-added products from the metal sector to the furniture sector on boutique machinery manufacturing and software in line with the needs of our customers. Our company, which has started to design and manufacture machines for the mattress industry since 2019, is rapidly expanding its product range.

We provide mattress manufacturers not only with machinery, but also with know-how and raw material supply. We also respond to Bonel spring needs with our Armadoryay company, which was established in 2017. Among our future plans, we do not want to produce only mattress production machines. At the same time, we aim to establish production lines that can carry out the production of base, which is sold as a set, on fully automatic lines.

Could you please give information about your production capacity and product range? I would also like to learn about your usage areas.

We realize our projects such as Wood Cnc Router, fully automatic ironing board production line, fully automatic drying production line, fully automatic wood varnishing and drying line, robotic feeding and stacking systems, image processing, material counting and quality control systems. We have automatic production lines, press, hotmelt bridges, mattress edge sealing machine, packaging and rollpack systems in line with the needs of the customers in the mattress sector. Our products are used in many areas from the furniture industry to the mattress industry, from the paper industry to the metal industry.

Which product is the most preferred among Armador Mühendislik Makina’s products?

MATE-4001 is the most demanded product among our products. It is a mattress edge sealing machine that benefits both the machine operator and the maintenance technician. Automatic production lines configured in different production capacities are also among our products demanded by our customers.

What kind of work do you have for the further development of the sector? Do you do joint projects on this subject? Also, I’m curious about your ideas on shaping products with the demands of the new generation.

We work not only on machine-oriented but also on material and process-oriented innovative projects in the sector. In this context, our regular meetings and projects with Erciyes University Biomedical Engineering, Industrial Design Engineering and ETTO (Erciyes Technology Transfer Office) continue. We believe that there is a need for companies that produce as final products in the mattress industry and shape their products with the requirements of the Z and Alpha generation. We also want companies that combine visual design and advanced technology to gain more importance.

How do you supply raw materials?

We have a strong mutual trust relationship with our suppliers. We primarily work with companies that develop themselves in innovative materials. We have alternative suppliers in almost every material group. Thus, we are able to ensure the supply of raw materials safely and according to our wishes. This is one of the most important points for us.

I would like to learn about the main reasons that make your products different in the industry. What do you think is the main reason for this situation?

Armador, which makes boutique production instead of mass production model, first understands the thoughts of its customers and reshapes its design. Our company comes together with the maintenance-repair personnel, quality control personnel and production managers of the companies and offers a common solution that satisfies the entire company.

I would like to learn about your goals as a company that is open to innovation.

Our company invests a lot in R&D. We plan to use these investments and our experience from other sectors more effectively in mattress manufacturing machines. Thus, we believe that we will become one of the leading companies in the sector. We continue our efforts with great concentration to carry our company, which always deserves to be at the top, to the best point.