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Armateks: IBIA EXPO will set the trends of the global mattress industry

Armateks Board Member Eyüpcan Çolak said in an interview at IBA EXPO 2023 that they were satisfied with the organization and that this fair would have effects in the global mattress industry in the coming years.

Eyüpcan Çolak stated in his interview that IBIA will achieve steady growth and become one of the leading organizations of the global bedding industry in the coming years and that the bedding trends will be followed from this fair. Mr. Eyüpcan Çolak pointed out that IBIA has the potential to meet all the needs of its visitors and underlined that the best products with the best quality take place in this fair.

The organization works flawlessly

Eyüpcan Çolak, who stated that they were satisfied with the fair and that the organization was working flawlessly, gave the following statements in his interview: “Today is the third day of the fair and it continues very well. There is no mistake in the organization. It was the same last year as well, and it did not surprise us this year. We hosted many guests from abroad at our stand and we continue to host them. In fact, the weather conditions have been negative this year, but fortunately this did not affect our fair negatively. This intensity is a happy situation on behalf of our company, on behalf of the Turkish mattress industry and on behalf of our country’s exports. This fair shows that many things have changed in the Turkish mattress industry. As stated by Mr. Osman Güler, Chairman of the Board of IBIA, we are in a position to change the game in the global mattress industry. Our country is among the most important players in the industry and the IBIA association and the IBIA EXPO exhibition organization are the pioneers of this process. Today, there is no visitor who will come to our fair today who will not find what they are looking for and whose question marks in their minds will not be eliminated. In other words, a mattress manufacturer coming here from any country in the world can find all the materials they want with the best prices and quality.”

“IBIA EXPO will bring together the global mattress industry”

Speaking about the future of IBIA EXPO, Eyüpcan Çolak emphasized stability and said; “IBIA EXPO is still a new organization. As it expands its experience, knowledge, know-how and financial resources, it will grow bigger and become one of the leading organizations of the global industry. If the fair provides stability, it will have a say in determining the trends in the following years. Mattress fashion will be followed from this fair.”