Anasayfa / ACTUEL / Atlas Tekstil: That people appreciating the business we do increases is more important than the figures

Atlas Tekstil: That people appreciating the business we do increases is more important than the figures

Atlas Tekstil Company Owner Ali Can Karaca said that as a company policy, their goal is to always gain people not to make profit.

Karaca, speaking to Sleep Tech magazine, expressed his views on many issues from global trade to the Turkish economy, from the mattress sector to fairs in his interview. Karaca, who said that their main goal is to keep going as a global company, stated that their understanding of growth has never been to make more profit or make more turnover, but that they always want to be remembered as a company winning people and solving people’s problems.

We will appeal to our customers with many different options in the new year

The year 2022 has been a difficult year. The economic fluctuations and the monetary policy of the countries experienced after the worldwide pandemic affected many sectors. This process was already showing sufficient effect. Beside this negative process, the war made the situation worse. It continues to appear.

Unfortunately, the foreign exchange and interest policies of our country and the uncontrolled rise in energy prices also influence the control of the Turkish producer’s costs the price policy and.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that labor costs affect expenditures less every day in the world. Our country, which has increased its export day by day with the free market economy in the period after the 80s, is no longer a cheap country. In my opinion, the world is trying to enter a reverse process instead of globalization after pandemic. This situation, of course, affects the exporter a lot.

Atlas Tekstil will impersonate a structure importing and exporting instead of an exporting company in 2023. By this means; we ourselves will serve our service-oriented customers and our price-oriented customers with our imported products. In 2022, we did the trials of this study. Next year, we will appeal to our customers with many different options.

We will be at Heimtextil and IBIA EXPO fairs

We will be at Heimtextil and IBIA fairs in 2023. However, my personal view on fairs is that it is an outdated organizational structure. World trade continued without fairs for the past 2 years. People were able to continue their trade on different portals and I think most sectors are aware that fairs are getting old. For this reason, I think that platforms, which are suitable for the requirements of the global era and where commercial relations can be kept, should be made and developed as an alternative to fairs.

I also have a suggestion for the IBIA EXPO 2023 fair. I am not sure how much it is taken into account or is true, but as far as I observed in the first fair, 80% of the participants are Kayseri companies. In regards to the production of machinery, fabric and other components Kayseri city is just as a mattress production center in Turkey. Only in the 1st Organized Industrial Zone, there are over large and small 600 mattress manufacturers and more than 6 fabric manufacturers including 3 worldwide known and medium-sized manufacturers. Besides, leaders of the mattress spring sector such as Metal Mattress, Zeb Springs and Boycelik are operating in Kayseri. In the light of all these reasons, I believe that it would be more beneficial to hold the IBIA EXPO 2023 Fair in Kayseri.

We don’t regard our customers as figures.

As I mentioned above, we, as Atlas Tekstil, have some different projects in the next years. Our most important goal since the day we were founded is to become a more global company.

As a company, we have never aimed for figure. I mentioned it in my previous texts. We do not regard our customers as figures. We need to be useful to the people we work with. We are fondly doing business and we want to be a structure that solves problems and meets the needs of our customers in the most accurate way, not a company of which quotes are received. We never thought about figures. We do not enjoy working this way.

For us, growing means winning people.

The growth policy of both me and our company is actually quite different from the usual policies. For us, the measurement unit of growth is not directly proportional to how many machines we have, our turnover at the end of the year, and how much profit we make. For us, the measure of growth is directly proportional to how many the number of our customers increased. We consider how many customers were satisfied with working with us, how many customers consulted us while developing a new product, how many companies called us on recommendation, etc. That people who trust us and appreciate our work increase is more important than numbers.