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Award-winning Spinks Springs have innovative surprises..

Spinks Springs are innovative pocket spring manufacturers who are part of the Harrison Spinks family of businesses. Their origins of creating and manufacturing mattress fillings date back to 1840 and over the last two decades they have been striving to manufacture springs which not only
provide support but also give excellent levels of comfort which can be applied within many markets.

Previewing at the Interzum show Spinks Springs are launching a comprehensive range of unique micro pocket springs which are three dimensional and contour to individual body shapes thus reducing the buildup of pressure points. All the pocket springs within the range have

breathability designed into them; these air channels and chambers help
distribute airflow allowing the products to ‘breath’.

The company will be showcasing a number of new innovations at Interzum and have recently been awarded the Interzum award: Intelligent Material & Design 2013 for their Posturflo product. “Interzum will be a tremendous opportunity for us to showcase our new products to
the world” explained Darren Marcangelo, Commercial Director for 20 Spinks Springs. “We have some exciting new products to show, and winning this prestigious award means a great deal to our company”. These ergonomically effective mini springs provide excellent comfort levels and are extremely versatile.

The springs can be used in a variety of ways, but most importantly can be used as a filling replacement or fibre replacement, within more traditional mattress or upholstered constructions. Multi layering of the product, gives unparalleled comfort and support. They can be layered upon each other relatively near the sleeping or seated surface, enabling manufacturers to create a range of mattresses or furniture with increasing spring counts. The varying pocket spring products lend themselves well to many product types such as mattresses, box springs, toppers, chairs, sofas, dining chairs, office chairs and all manner of upholstery applications where comfort and sustainability are paramount. Harrison Spinks have also recently been awarded the acclaimed Queens Award for Enterprise in Innovation, only given for the highest levels of excellence; the
Awards for Enterprise are made annually by Her Majesty The Queen. The Innovation Award has been granted for the design and manufacture of multiple innovative pocket spring types which have given Harrison Spinks a competitive advantage and increased the company’s international sales of springs to other manufacturers. Commenting on the Awards, Harrison Spinks managing director, Simon Spinks, said: “The Awards recognise the commitment to excellence that
we all share at Harrison Spinks and reflect the fact that innovation and sustainability are at the very heart of our business. We are dedicated to continuous improvement, so we will remain focused on developing products that enhance comfort wherever they can be applied”