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Introducing Feltturc , a supplier of felts

“Felt is an environmentally friendly material. We also act as a recycler to protect eco systems.Our motto is, ‘use recycled, keep green’ ” says Mustafa Kiper of Feltturc Company in an interview conducted by Sleep Well.

Full text of the interview follows:

Will you brief about your firm?

Since 2004 we have been processing felt and other stuff needed especially by bed manufacturers in our own production facilities. Feltturc is our major and basic material that we produce to be used at the first layer of beds. In line with our product, we developed a motto, “First Layer, First Quality”. We are very well aware of the fact that, our product is the most important part of the quality and durability of the mattresses.

What kinds o inputs do your company uses? Do you import any of them?

In this regard we have assumed a good mission for our country and the world. We basically use by-products and wastes of textile industries. We buy them through domestic suppliers and firms. We recycle them and put them back to the national economy. When needed, we also import some of our needs.

What can be said about your R&D activities?

We develop new solutions and improve our products according to the needs, demands and expectations of our customers. We also adjust our product specifications to the different culture of bed and sleep. Every society and segment has its own physical, cultural and social characteristics. We always try to watch and understand the life and behaviors of people and provide them original solutions.

Do you have eco-friendly products in your product portfolio?

Felt is a natural and environment friendly material. In this regard we are basically an environment-friendly company. This is our mission. We recycle natural fibers that are salvaged by textile industry. Textile wastes are our main inputs. Thus we have developed our motto as, “Use recycled, keep green”.

What countries are your export markets?

We send our products to 30 countries, especially in Middle East, Africa and Europe. Thanks to our business network in these countries, we supply every kind and size of the companies from small family businesses up to the famous manufacturers. We also produce coaches, armchairs and mattresses, as well. About 60 % of our production goes to export markets and the rest is delivered to domestic buyers. We are seeking new business opportunities and new segments to expand our business.