Anasayfa / ACTUEL / Bekaert Deslee: ISPA is a unique platform for sectoral contacts

Bekaert Deslee: ISPA is a unique platform for sectoral contacts

Bekaert Deslee’s North America Design and Marketing Director Charlene Vaz said that they would offer innovation and sustainability solutions to visitors at ISPA Expo.

In an interview prior to the fair, Charlene Vaz emphasised that ISPA is a very important and unique platform for the mattress industry and said that they focus on strengthening Bekaert Deslee’s presence in North America. She said that they are able to offer customised solutions to consumers in the USA, Canada and Mexico and that their work on innovation and sustainability reflects how much they care about the market.

What are your expectations from ISPA exhibition?

ISPA presents an unparalleled platform for industry connectivity and relationship-building, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it. At BekaertDeslee, we’re eager to unveil our CASA Collection, showcasing our cutting-edge innovations and inviting meaningful engagements with our valued customers. Moreover, we’re excited to delve into potential collaborations that resonate with our strategic objectives. Our presence at ISPA underscores our steadfast dedication to innovation, sustainability, and delivering customer-centric solutions. Through our products, we want to show that we seamlessly blend global trends with lifestyle preferences.

How important is the American market for you? Can you tell us about your activities for this market?

The American market holds significant importance for BekaertDeslee, and we have strategically focused on strengthening our presence in North America. Our emphasis on innovation, sustainability, and customer service aligns with the market’s demands. With full-function business units in the US, Canada, and Mexico, we can provide tailored solutions to local consumers, reducing lead times and optimizing transportation. Our commitment to sustainability, exemplified by LEED certification in our upcoming cut & sew plant in Mexico, reflects our dedication to the American market’s values and expectations.

Can you tell us about the features of the products you will exhibit at the fair?

BekaertDeslee is poised to showcase a diverse range of products at ISPA, highlighting our dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainability. From meticulously crafted mattress and pillow covers to options in tapes, and an array of woven and knit fabrics, our offerings span across various categories. Our commitment to climate regulation, beauty, utilization of natural fibers, and catering to the hospitality sector is showcased throughout our collection. Moreover, we are proud to spark conversations on pressing topics such as the integration of AI and initiatives of empowering women.