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Boyçelik: ISPA Expo stands out as the world’s most important bed materials fair

Feridun Tosun, Boyçelik Export Officer, stated in an interview before ISPA Expo that the American market is very important for both Boyçelik and other players in the Turkish mattress industry and that the preparations for ISPA Expo will be in this respect.

Feridun stated that ISPA Expo is the world’s largest bedding materials exhibition and that the US market is extremely important for the global bedding industry and naturally for the Turkish bedding industry, and added that the total volume of the global industry is 33 billion dollars and 9 billion dollars of this is the US market. Feridun Tosun, Boyçelik Export Officer, stated that the 27% impact of the US market on the global industry gnerates a serious potential and added that they have given due importance to the US market as always and that they will be at the fair with highly innovative products in terms of both cost advantage and comfort.

What are your expectations from ISPA fair?

ISPA fair stands out as the world’s important bedding materials fair. The fair, which takes place every 2 years in different states of America, is an extremely important fair for the mattress industry. We think that we will have the opportunity to meet new customers from both America and many different countries of the world, as well as the opportunity to introduce our new products to our existing customers at the relevant fair.

How important is the American market for you? Can you tell us about your activities for this market?

As Boyçelik, we will be participating in the ISPA fair for the 5th time. The American market, one of the most important mattress markets in the world, has an important position in the world mattress industry. A large number of large-scale mattress production is carried out. The value of the world mattress market is approximately 33 billion USD. Approximately 9 billion USD of this figure is realized in America, which corresponds to 27% of the total world mattress market. Considering the relevant figure, it is clear how important the American market is for us exporters. The American market is among the most strategic markets of Boyçelik since its establishment. We sell bonnel carcass and bag carcass to the relevant market. Many of the leading companies producing mattresses in the American market use the springs produced by Boyçelik in their mattresses. Our brand awareness stands out in the relevant market.

Could you tell us about the features of the products you will exhibit at the fair?

We will introduce our bag spring and bonnel spring systems, which are among the main product items produced by Boyçelik, to our customers at the fair. We will present to our customers many of our products that provide cost advantage and at the same time emphasize the comfort in the bed.