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Boyteks for Happier Mornings

We evaluated the expectations about the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) Fair and the future of the American Market with Mr. Harun Gürkan YİĞİT, Regional Sales Manager of Boyteks Textile, which continues to produce innovative, technological, natural and environmentally-friendly products with the motto “Happier mornings in more than 100 countries”.

Noting that they are excitedly waiting for the revival of the mattress market of the United States (US), which has shrunk in parallel with the global mattress industry in 2023, in order to increase the awareness of the Boyteks brand in the American market, where we currently operate through wholesalers, Mr. Harun Gürkan YİĞİT said: “We think that the ISPA fair will have a sparking effect in achieving this goal”.

Mr. Harun Gürkan YİĞİT continued his words as follows: “Especially considering the global mattress market, which is trying to normalize after the pandemic, we think that the internationally known ISPA will attract visitors from many countries, particularly South and North American countries. Therefore, we hope that there will be meetings where productive projects for the future will be discussed.”

Stating that the American market is the largest mattress market in the world and one of the main target markets for Boyteks, Mr. Yiğit said: “In order to increase our brand value in this market, we take part in the ISPA fair as an exhibitor, attend the Las Vegas Market Show as a visitor and appear in BedTimes Magazine. The US market is one of the three largest mattress markets in the world in terms of quantity and volume, and has the capacity to inspire and drive mattress manufacturers in all other countries, and create trends. In particular, significant expenditures and efforts are made in research and development (R&D) and product development (P&D) activities for the US market, which is one of the primary countries that issue mattress brand licenses in the world. In this regard, as a manufacturer that has been serving the US market for 20 years, we attach importance to the fact that the mattress ticking we develop have a vision and support the trend-setting mattress manufacturers. In addition to our P&D activities, we attach importance to on-site observations and determinations we make within the scope of our marketing activities at US fairs, both as an exhibitor and a visitor”.

Harun Gürkan Yiğit said: “At the ISPA EXPO 2024 Fair, our innovative products will be exhibited along with natural products that are trending in the market in general. These two concepts have now begun to become standard in mattresses, where sustainable and cool-feeling products have been touted as innovative innovations for years. Therefore, we are planning to introduce new innovations that can accompany these products and be used in the same product. In this context, we will introduce our naturally innovative and environmentally-friendly products such as Synergy, Slimfit, OzoneTherapy, Hydrogel, Return, Rose, as well as Interzum award-winning Nettle and Biogreen, developed by our R&D department, to our customers and visitors at the ISPA.


Considering that nettle is a natural thermoregulator thanks to its unique structure and thus provides a more comfortable sleeping environment, the Nettle mattress ticking we produce to provide a more comfortable sleep has proven itself by receiving the international “Hight Product Quality” achievement award.


As Boyteks, we developed the BioGreen mattress ticking concept using bio-based raw materials in order to leave a livable world to future generations. BioGreen is an innovative mattress ticking concept consisting of natural products with herbal ingredients.


We provide a better quality sleep environment with the cooling effect of Hydrogel, which we developed based on gel-containing products, considering that in addition to its cooling effect, it contributes to the body’s moisture balance.


We developed OzoneTherapy mattress ticking to reduce the negative effects of free radicals and oxidative stress during sleep. The crystallized minerals in the structure of OzoneTherapy mattress ticking are activated by body temperature and release active ions into the medium. These ions reduce the effect of free radicals and help reduce oxidative stress, just like in the ozone therapy method.


As part of our approach to being more environmentally-friendly, we developed the ReTURN mattress ticking, which can be degraded faster in nature. ReTURN mattress ticking, which we developed by adding special enzymes to its structure and using polyester threads, contributes to reducing environmental pollution as it dissolves 90 times faster than normal ticking.


We developed the Rose mattress ticking, which contains rose protein, to help provide a healthier skin. Rose mattress ticking revitalizes the skin and provides a healthier sleeping environment.


Irregular and excessive fat accumulated under the skin due to the increase in fat tissue in the body usually leads to skin surface disorders in the leg, abdomen and hip areas and, as a result, an unhealthy appearance. That’s why we developed Slimfit mattress ticking to prevent such skin disorders and give the skin a firmer and more beautiful appearance.


We spend 70 percent of our daily energy to maintain the basal metabolic rate, which is the resting metabolic rate of our body. Contrary to popular belief, sleep is not just a process in which the body rests and is passive. The body continues to lose energy during rest and sleep. That’s why we developed Synergy mattress ticking to help us regain our lost energy throughout the day and prevent energy loss during sleep.