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Comfytex: We want to expand our customer portfolio in America

Comfytex Chairman Hasan Küçükler said that they wanted to make their presence felt at the ISPA Expo fair with their new product Tesla.

Hasan Küçükler, Chairman of the Board of Comfytex, described the American market as the world’s mega market and said that it is an efficient market to make big investments in an interview about the fair before the ISPA Expo fair planned to be held in the United States on 12-14 March. Mr. Hasan stated that as Comfytex, they want to expand their customer portfolio and make new investments in an efficient and large market such as America and that they will participate in the ISPA Expo fair for this purpose and that the fair is valuable for them. Stating that they want to mark ISPA Expo with their new product Tesla, Mr. Küçükler said that the products such as Oxycore, Biosalt and Medicare, which are closely known by the mattress industry and used by giant mattress brands, will be on display at the fair.

What are your expectations from ISPA?

ISPA is one of the leading fairs in our sector and we attach importance to participating in this fair since it is located in the USA. If we briefly state our expectations; to introduce our pattern designs and innovative products in our new collection, to come together with brands that are new to our sector or with which we are already in contact and of course to expand our customer portfolio in America. As it is a fair organized every 2 years, ISPA fair is valuable for us in terms of being informed about the latest developments and receiving the expectations of the sector collectively and ensuring customer satisfaction.

How important is the American market for you? Can you tell us about your activities for this market?

The American market can be expressed as the mega market of the mattress industry. Mattress companies that make large investments and have large production volumes are mostly in this region. For this reason, as Comfytex, it is a market that we want to expand and gain a place. In order to dominate the dynamics of the region and meet the expectations, it is our priority to continue our work with a regional deepening strategy and to provide quality and fast service to the industry leaders in the American region as in every region.

Can you tell us about the features of the products you will exhibit at the fair?

One of the main ways to improve sleep quality is the air quality of the sleeping environment. The second issue is how comfortable the person feels in the bed. Our task is to take precautions and produce solutions for any discomfort that may arise during sleep (sweating, non-skin-friendly products, non-breathable fabrics) and to add value to this comfort with innovative products.

We aim to make a mark at the ISPA fair with our launch product Tesla, which we have prepared for this purpose.

We will introduce our visitors to the magnetic field effect of Tesla technology to start the new day with a positive, energized and renewed feeling by getting rid of the negative electricity we attract in our daily lives. Tesla Technology generates a magnetic field in the bed that is compatible with the body’s natural magnetic field. This field supports biological healing by increasing cellular oxygen levels during sleep. The magnetic effect developed by this technology applied to the mattress fabric accelerates regional blood circulation, stimulates the immune system and contributes to body regeneration.

Apart from our launch product, our main innovative products, Oxycore, Biosalt and Medicare brands are patented and belong to our unique series and our basic principle is to offer comfortable solutions that improve sleep quality.

Biosalt is a technology inspired by the benefits of rock salt and increases the air quality of the environment during sleep thanks to the negative ions it emits, as if we were sleeping by a river or in a forest, allowing us to wake up more energized for the new day.

We would be happy to welcome our visitors at booth #1457 at ISPA fair to learn more about our brand and to examine our innovative products and trendy pattern collections. You can visit our website for online access and to view our catalog.

I wish a successful fair for all our brands in our sector.