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Bekaert, the leader of the sector with 130 years of experience

Ersin Koç: “Based on our factory network, we have turned out to be number one of the world”

In line with its 130 years of pioneering experience in mattress textiles and fabrics, Bekaert has penetrated into Middle East and European markets through its factory located in Turkey in 2007. “ Headquartered in Belgium, being the leader of the sector with its 8 factories, Bekaert established the largest one of the three Europe-based factories in Turkey. The Company has been producing mattress textiles and fabrics for the diverse range of mattresses,” pointed out Mr. Ersin Koç, Sales Manager for Turkey and Middle East

We have recently interviewed Mr. Ersin Koç on the activities of Bekaert. Excerpts:

Could you brief us on the activities of Bekaert?

In line with its establishment, Bekaert has embarked on mattress textiles and fabrics production, including upholstery, decoration and curtain fabrics. However, it has been producing jacquard woven and knitted fabrics for the mattress industry. It should be noted that jacquard woven and knitted fabrics are preferred considerably. We produce these two product groups on fifty-fifty basis. Apart from our factory production, we reach our customers via our distributors located in İzmir, İstanbul and Adana.

Could you mention about the fairs in which you participate in 2013?

The fairs have always assumed significance for us. To sum up, the fairs pave the way for new customers and markets. We have recently participated in Interzum, China and Russia, including Bed Show, Birmingham, the United Kingdom. We will participate in Ispa in 2014.

You have factories scattered over the world. Could you inform us on your target markets?

We have 8 factories currently operating; the factories in Spain, Czech Republic and Turkey have been producing for Europe.

The factory in Turkey has also been producing for the Middle East and the Turkic Republics. Apart from these, the factory in China has been operating for Asia, while the factories in the Australia, The USA Mexico and Argentina have been directing their production volume for the targeted markets. Actually, our global factory network has turned out to be number one in terms of production and market share.

As for the factory located in Turkey, what particular markets for which you are producing?

In line with its 130 years of pioneering experience in mattress textiles and fabrics, Bekaert, as of 2007, has initiated a fully integrated factory in Turkey. With its 120 jacquard fabric looms and 100 knitted fabrics looms, covering an area of 80,000 squre meters, 50,000 meters of which is a closed area, the factory has 35-40% market share in Turkey, employing 300 qualified personnel and R&D department.

Could you inform us on the R&D activities of Bekaert?

Our R&D department has been coordinating its activities in accordance with the Head Office located in Belgium with a keen eye on high-tech and innovation. Our passion is to develop stylish and smart textile products that will inspire, comfort and protect you during the night. Bekaert’s mattress textile products dress tens of thousands new beds and mattresses every day, from New York to Sydney, from Helsinki to Cape Town. Our global footprint guarantees a quick and reliable service in all parts of the world.

The company has established the Bekaert Academy, a competence centre for sleep, sleeping comfort and bedding. It has formed partnerships with other manu­facturers and universities, and worked together with customers to produce tailor-made solutions. Since 2006, Bekaert Textiles has applied for a new patent every year, and has won the Interzum Design Award for intelligent material and design.

Based on seven years of experience in the sector, how do you evaluate 2013 from the standpoint of Bekaert? As for the year 2014, what are the major projections and expectations?

Despite some seasonal fluctuations, the year 2013 has turned out to be satisfactory for Bekaert. We expect a steady growth around 5-7 percent in 2014. We are planning to expand and diversify our market share.

As a major mattress textiles and fabrics producer, what do you think on  particular characteristics should a mattress has?

Imagine a comfort conscious mattress that has its own natural defenses for all imperfections.  Innovative, high-performance materials from Bekaert now make all these possible, minimising the risk of allergies and discomfort, and allowing customers to enjoy a trouble-free sleep.

Bekaert offers training and market­ing advice to the customers who purchase these quality products. Retail training ses­sions are also given to salespeople, so that they understand the innovative concepts and designs and can explain the benefits to the end users.

At Bekaert , innovation is not a department, it is a mindset that has become part of the company ethic and is embraced by every person from top management to the workers on the factory floor.

Finally, what do you want to say?

In Turkey, we aim at expanding our market share reaching at 40 percent.

Indeed, Bekaert is working tirelessly to ensure that their customers can rest better each night. The company is headed towards a future bright with new technology and innovation, where increas­ing numbers of people will be able to enjoy the peaceful, problem-free sleep that they deserve.