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Çokyaşar, the major aluminum accessory supplier of the mattress and furniture industry

Cokyasar supplies 35% of aluminum leg and frames for the mattress and furniture industry in Turkey.

Established in 1978 Cokyasar Halat, a company of Özyaşar Kollektif Group of Companies, started producing spring wire for the mattress industry in 2008. Operating in two different sectors the company has been continuing to serve the sector by producing aluminum and wire for the mattresses. Cokyasar who produces 1.500 tons at its factory situated on a covered area of 7,500 sqm in Izmit, provides employment for 140 heads. Stating that they are the leader in the sector, Ibrahim Korkusuz, Sales and Marketing Manager of the company says that they have the lion share as 35% in the market. His answers for the questions of Sleep Tech are as follows:

Could you tell us about your other companies affiliated to Ozyasar Group and the milestones of Ozyasar Group?

Ahmet Cokyasar, the founder of Ozyasar Tel ve Galvanizleme Sanayi A.S., initiated his first business venture in Adana in 1953 and took a step forward in 1961 and established Korkusuz Kollektif, a construction materials company.

The collaboration with Mehmet Cokyasar in the following years the company was developed further and in 1969 Birlik Aluminum Profile, the first production facility, was built up in Istanbul.

Shortly thereafter, in 1973, Özyaşar was established as an unlimited company in Istanbul, for the purpose of manufacturing steel wire products, with headquarters in Tahtakale and production facilities in Eyup.

The business organizations in Adana continued their operations until 1978 and afterwards Istanbul became the center of commerce and industry. In 1984, Demsaş Metal A.Ş. was founded for the production of aluminum profiles. The next step was the conversion of Ozyasar from an unlimited company to a joint stock company in 1992.

After 80’s, the second generation started to become a member of the team, came up through the ranks and took their positions in the management.


The production facilities were moved from Eyup to its new location in Silivri in 1986 to increase the production capacity and broaden the range of the products. The most important progress at the new plant was the installation of the galvanizing lines. Along with the galvanizing lines; galvanized barbed wire, chain link fence and bailing wire production also started.

Starting from 90’s, the concept of production at global standards was adopted as local and global demand highly increased. Thereafter, the modernization and capacity improvement investments were initiated, starting from the selection of the production lines from the world’s best brands.

Today Ozyasar has reached the capacity of 13,000 tons per month and became a leader in its sector thanks to its continuous improvement strategy.

How do you serve the mattress industry as Cokyasar firm?

Acquiring Izmit Celik Tel San. Ltd Company, which was established in 1996, in 2008, we reconstructed as Cokyasar Halat Inc. Cokyasar Halat products are conveniently used in many fields as fishery, mining and automotive industries. In line with specific customer expectations we develop our production and product line thanks to our vast opportunities. Cokyasar Halat assures its quality, convenient packaging, timely delivery and most importantly, customer satisfaction thanks to its experienced and dynamic team and timely delivery partners who are leading in their field.

In addition to Cokyasar, we have been rendering services to the mattress and furniture industry with Demsaş. This company of our group is a firm producing aluminum accessories for furniture and mattresses. Demsaş, one of the leading companies in the aluminum sector, designs and produces profiles that are used in various sectors. We produce aluminum legs and frames used in these products. We have a share of 35% in this field in the market.

Our main job is to produce wires and we started the business with this. The companies entered the sector recently, produce springs and mattresses, too. Our difference from others is that we only produce and supply wire for the spring manufacturers.

What about your exports?

We are an exporting company. We ship 50% of our products to abroad. This has been increasing or decreasing at certain ratios depending on market conditions. We export to a lot of countries, mainly export to Africa, Europe, Middle East and Latin America. We sell wire and varieties of wire to these regions. We export only wires for mattresses to Germany, Belgium and Portugal. Apart from these, Holland, France and Italy are other important markets for us. The distributorship network provided by Ozyasar is used by other companies of the group and helps them to increase their exports.

Would you mention the processes of wires you produce for sectors? Where do you provide your raw material requirements?

Raw materials are subject to two level preparations. The first one is making the wire ready-to-extrusion through mechanic cleaning we make by brushing and sanding. The other technique is chemical cleaning. Generally chemical cleaning is used in Turkey. The material in covered with phosphate in this technique.  Going through acid and phosphate lines the wire becomes ready-to-extrusion and the surface preparation is completed. It is regulated to the desired diameter later on. Generally the diameters are 3.5 mm for the wires called frame and 2.20 mm for springs used in Turkey. The raw material is used according to the diameter wanted.

There are two kinds of carbon products as what we call law and high. The springs used in the mattress production are produced from high carbon. We use Mittal material, which we import from Germany, in our products. We use 70% Mittal and 30% steel in our wires.

Can you tell us about the works of your R&D Department?

We have three engineers in the R&D team. They mainly concentrate on productivity and developing new products. We started to manufacture our own manufacturing lines in wire extrusion and galvanize lines. The R&D Department has been continuing to further develop these lines.

How was 2013 for your company?

It was a good year for us. We only suffered financial problems caused by currency rate fluctuations because the payment terms in the special mattress industry are long term as 7-8 months. But we had a good year with regards to production and sales reaching 92% of our total capacity. We have approximately 1,500 tons of capacity and we realized 1,350 tons of it. The share of the mattress industry in this product portfolio is 300 ton/month.

What about your expectations from 2014?

We are planning to increase our industrial spring productions. As for the mattress springs, we are planning to work export-oriented rather than the domestic sales because exportation seems more feasible from the standpoint of payment terms. We will continue to supply to the companies which we have long term trade.

Anything you would like to add?

Our sector is open to develop and a high potential one in Turkey. If we consider that there are still futons used in Anatolia, the sector bears a huge potential. The only problem is that the initial cost is very low in mattress production investment and the total cost could be made in long terms. There have been many producers because of the possibility of providing machinery and raw materials with low costs because of paying the debts back in very long terms. This led the way to production of cheap and unhealthy products both physically and practically. In short, I believe that this will go further as the investment becomes easier.


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