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Bella Yay: We must all work hard for the growth of IBIA EXPO

Bella Yay Company Owner Özkan Kayıran stated that IBIA EXPO fair has the potential to have a serious say in the world mattress industry in the coming years, but for this, the fair should be embraced by all professionals of the Turkish mattress industry.

Özkan Kayıran, who gave an interview at the IBIA EXPO 2023 fair, underlined that the IBIA EXPO fair is still a new formation in his interview and said “we should all give life to this sapling to grow and bear fruit”.

IBIA EXPO is still a new organization

Emphasizing unity, solidarity and stability, Özkan Kayıran used the following statements in his interview; “IBIA EXPO is a new organization. Although last year’s organization was lively and made a sound, this does not mean that it will always be like this. For example, this year has been quieter than last year and the yield in terms of the number of visitors is a little lower. As exhibitors, we need to be patient at this point and put our hands under the stone for the further growth of this fair, which paves the way for the unity and solidarity of our sector. I am sure that if stability is maintained, it will reach a point that will satisfy the exhibitors both in terms of the number of visitors and quality in the coming years.”

There should be more global companies among the participants

Stating that global companies should be more involved in the fair, Mr. Özkan said that if this is achieved, IBIA EXPO and naturally our country will be the focal point of the world mattress industry. Özkan Kayıran gave the following statements in his interview; “As I have just said, IBIA EXPO is an open and promising fair organization. However, there are some steps that need to be taken in order to achieve success in the long run. Although we all know each other as the players of the Turkish mattress industry, it is important that not only Turkish professionals but also foreign companies are included in this organization. For the fair to grow, it is essential to include the leading companies of the global industry in the exhibitor portfolio. Especially if we can gather multinational companies under this roof, the heart of the global mattress industry will beat here.”