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Bio-Textima , the only mattresses in a metal-free design

VitalWOOD is a symphony of unparalleled comfort, composed of highquality materials and groundbreaking design.

As a 100% family run company, Bio-Textima was established in 1993 and employs 53 personnel. Situated 20 km away from Austrian border, 100 km to Wien, the company produces VitalWOOD mattresses and boxsprings and natural mattresses and sells its innovative and quality products to Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Japan and has a great share in Hungarian market.

The product development department of Vitalwood works closely with experts to develop a truly outstanding product range. Research focused on retail as well as consumer needs secured more than a dozen of international awards. The wooden coil spring technology received an industrial award for innovation before its market launch. With two decades of experience in manufacturing handcrafted bedroom furniture, Bio-Textima is committed to producing high quality items that work with the human physiology and sleeping needs. A successful retailer, the company also provides wholesale services with major outlets in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

After almost a decade of research, building on the established benefits of metal springs, the wooden coil spring and the VitalWOOD range were developed. Unlike their metal counterparts, the patented steamed and compressed beech wooden springs fully regain their shape after use – a benefit you can enjoy for at least three times longer than with regular mattresses. This guarantees the wooden springs an astonishing 30 years of lifespan. It also eliminates any irritating side effects of metal springs like creaking and increased electro-smog.

The carefully selected materials work in concert with an anatomically designed structure to give you the best joint protection and a supple yet firm support for the spine. The sleeping surface – the comfort layer receiving the body – transmits and distributes the pressure to the mattress core where the wooden coil springs become activated to provide suitable support for the curvatures of the spine in any position. The springs also prevent overload to the system at any point and guarantee an excellent anatomic capability and unbeatable lifespan.

The cold foam layers in the Vitalwood- N mattress were developed in cooperation with Eurofoam. Specifically developed for the Vitalwood range and marked as series R, this cold foam has a special cell structure that provides outstanding flexibility while providing better support, optimal weight distribution and more effective ventilation and drainage. The lifetime of this special foam matches that of the wooden coil springs as it has better shape retention characteristic than soft and normal foams (1.1-1.8% loss in diameter after 100.000 pressing cycles).

The VitalWOOD Perfect Variations mattress is excellent in tackling many allergy-related conditions. The Ultrafresh comfort layer was developed by Thomson Research Associates, a leading industry expert with over fifty years of experience. The environmentally friendly antimicrobial comfort layer works with plant-based materials and provides excellent protection against fungi, bacteria and dust mites – tests show that less than 0.1% of bacteria survive in materials treated with Ultrafresh.