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Beyzan focuses on innovative 3D fabrics for mattress production

Beyzan continues its R&D works for the development of new types of warp knitted 3D spacer fabrics and for the deployment of these special technical textile structures in mattresses. Company manager Ozan Mahir has declared the following:

“3D fabrics are used in many different industries such as automobile, clothing and bedding industries. Beyzan is focused in the mattress industry and develops spacer fabrics especially for sleep products. In Europe and USA, 3D fabrics are used for their functional properties both inside the mattress core and on the mattress cover. In Turkey, the use of 3D fabrics on mattress borders became popular but yet the use is limited to this application. Beyzan is the first company in Turkey which focuses on the use of 3D fabrics in the mattress core, as the mattress ticking, for the mattress cover and also for pillows and mattress toppers. 3D fabrics increase the added value of the sleep products, providing thermal comfort, better pressure relief and better hygiene. People with back pain or perspiration problems during sleep and people who are concerned with hygiene in their sleep environment benefit significantly from sleep products with 3D fabrics.

In developed countries, the mattress consumer is carefully interested in the specifications and the quality of the mattress, and tries to make a conscious choice when buying a new mattress. In these countries, much of the mattress production consists of foam (or latex) mattresses while the production and sales of spring mattresses makes up a smaller percentage. In Turkey, the situation is vice-versa. Beyzan manufactures hybrid mattresses using a combination of foam and 3D fabrics for its “Narda” brand. However, the new Narda mattresses now include a combination of springs and 3D fabrics. Pressure relief is the critical feature of a mattress which provides sleep comfort. To obtain a superior pressure relief, a combination is made of pocket springs and 3D spacer fabrics.

We would like to focus more on exports. Beyzan exports mattress tapes, spacer fabrics, mattress covers and confectioned textiles for mattresses. As well as textiles, we also export finished products such as mattresses, toppers, pillows and mattress protectors. We supply products to mattress manufacturers and also retailers.

For exports, Beyzan offers a variety of mattresses and sleep products, and is also able to manufacture foam and
spring mattresses up to their customers’ specifications. The company is now increasing its production capacity and manufacturing abilities, to offer a wider product range and faster delivery times for export customers.”