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MultiSTiQ, an international brand in adhesive materials

The company supplies label materials for the carpet and mattress industries.

MultiSTiQ is a leading supplier of adhesive materials for both the labeland textile industry.

Main items are reinforcement materials for the sample making e.g. (non-woven) waterfall backing, tapes and frames for edge fixing and dye-cut labels for identification. The carpet and mattress industry are also important markets for a special range of label materials that can be either offset-, flexo or laser printed. Next to these ranges of standard materials MultiSTiQ successfully develops tailor made materials for many of their customers.

The 35 years long experience in these markets is the key driver in this process. MultiSTiQ is part of the Permess/MultiSTiQ group with subsidiaries in the Netherlands, UK, Italy, Turkey and Bangladesh. Products:

* Reinforcement materials for the sample making;
* Dye-cut labels;
* Label materials for the carpet and mattress industry

Waterfall collections
Whether in production or later on in the showroom the Multistiq materials for the backing of waterfalls will show their quality. The materials are compatible with all the well-known production machines. Through the large variety of materials (woven and non woven) and types and dosages of adhesive there is always a perfect fit to the material that has to be processed.

Shadecard mounting
Double side self-adhesive materials but also combinations of 1-side self adhesive other side heat seal make the range of Multistiq stand out. Also here we provide solutions and not only products.

Edge fixing
Multistiq offers a variety of materials for your dye cut masks or tape. Depending on your specific requirement we can offer paper, PP film, nonwoven or textile materials for both heat seal or self-adhesive applications. We have a large variety of standard materials available to meet many different requirements.

Many pattern bookmakers and textile manufacturers have discovered the quality of the Multistiq label products already. Not only the good printability but also definitely the excellent adhesiveness determined their choice. Specialties for treated fabrics and structured materials make the range complete. Your labels will still be on the samples when the collection is already expired.

Book & header covering
Under the brand name MultiLinnen® Multistiq offer a range of cover materials for your headers and pattern books. Colorfast, constant quality, flatness, gluability meet the highest requirements. The same applies for the print, stamping and cutting features