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Boyteks sets healthy trends in the mattress ticking fabric industry

Boyteks, which has almost 10% worldwide market share in its sector as one of the industry’s most leading firms worldwide, launches new Lactive series. As a young, dynamic and innovative firm, Boyteks offers physical wellness and vitality with its new product.

Boyteks would like to offer a comfortable sleeping ambient to people with Boyteks fabric by increasing its market share and expanding its exports that it has been currently performing to 105 countries to each and every country of the world. The company enjoys the justified pride of being a leading enterprise of the sector by exports of the fabrics it manufactures to worldwide from Ecuador to Macao and from Japan to Mauritus. Boyteks’ new mattress ticking aims to contribute you to start the new day more energetic and refreshed.

Lactive supports physical wellness and vitality with the effect of ozone therapy

Ozone therapy method is widely used for the purpose of diminishing the lactic acid amount accumulating in the body and increasing the oxygen level required by the body. Lactive mattress ticking, as in ozone therapy, offers the oxygen required by the body and positively contributes to elimination of muscle fatigue.

Correlation between lactic acid and fatigue

The more energy amount the body requires, the more oxygen amount you require. Lactic acid accumulation occurs in muscles failing to receive sufficient amounts of energy and this leads to fatigue. Because of fatigue, the sleep quality is deteriorated, and the body fails to get adequate rest and starts the day fatigued. This condition has an adverse effect on our entire physical and mental activities.

How dose lactive mattress ticking fabric work?

Thanks to the crystalline salts within the composition of Lactive mattress ticking, the active ions are diffused to the environment. These ions enter the body through respiration and increase the oxygen level. Thus, the energy amount required for energy production is increased accordingly. Ultimately, the lactic acid level causing fatigue is reduced.

Thanks to the Lactive mattress ticking, the oxygen amount is increased in the body while lactic acid formation is decreased.  By this means, contribution is made for the body for an optimum resting during the sleep. It allows you to start the new day more energetic, rejuvenated and refreshed.

Benefits of Lactive Mattress Ticking:

– It contributes to the increase in active ion amount within the body

– It increases the oxygen level within the body

– It diminishes the lactic acid amount caused by fatigue

– It contributes to eliminate the fatigue

– It helps for the body to get rest and remain energetic.