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Comfytex, best award at the 5th Turkish Patent Award Ceremony

Wednesday 20th April 2016 at the 5th Turkish Patent Award Ceremony in Ankara with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Comfytex has been rewarded as the most new designs patented.

The award was given to the chairman of the company, Mr HASAN KÜÇÜK by president Erdoğan.

Comfytex is among the big mattress ticking manufacturers in Europe and this award will sustain its efforts to be the best partner of its collaborates.

“We have been provided our customers with new 7 product groups as with 38 new brand on 2015. Our products are praised highly by our customers, especially our best series Unique. TESLA branded product in this group has come to the forefront aspects of sleep quality support and create natural magnetic field,” an official of the company said. “Together with this series from the other side as a result of our hard work in Pattern Design and unnerved department is fully prepared in our own unique designs and collections. Our designs, presented to our customers at fair both domestic and abroad fairs. Prepared by the intensive efforts of our company to open new horizons and new perspectives in our sector, our designs are quite valuable with added directions.”

Comfytex continues to work intensively on innovation and design for the bedding industry. The 5th Türk Patent Awards honored the company. “This award is not only for our company, it is also a source of pride for the bed industry and mattress fabric sector,” the official noted.

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