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Comfytex has excellent surprises for Sleepwell Expo visitors


The company will showcase its original design and functional mattress ticking fabrics for mattress manufacturers.

The arrangements for Sleepwell expo in October, is proceeding fast. Comfytex mattress ticking fabrics which have important functional properties and developed by research and development department, will be exhibited for mattress producers. Besides, the new designs, made by Comfytex design team, will be presented to the customers. These new designs have been prepared as a result of attentive and effective work schedule. The Comfytex company has received the design award by TPE in 2016 because Comfytex has been chosen the first company which makes new design applications. “We will continue to our studies to obtain the same success in next years. Besides, Comfytex family is feeling honored for leading the sector,” says the chairman of the company. “Comfytex Company has invested in the ERP system to give the best service to the potential customers while the company has been proceeding to the innovative design and brand workings. The Project ICOM will provide Comfytex the efficient working schedule and the using of resources. Thanks to this advantages, all operations from ordering to the shipment, will be completed successfully.”

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