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Nova keeps aggressive investing

Increasing its sales by investing in spring production Nova foam and steel company opens a new factory by the end of 2017.

Harvesting the results of earlier investments as increasing wire and spring sales, Nova foam and steel company started a new phase of investment to expand capacity even more. Chairman of the board, Mustafa Taka, informed about the new facility and said, “Our sales to export markets have increased. We sold to every country except Austria.” On the new phase of investments We increase wire production volume. Recently sales were increased by one and half folds following the latest investment. Encouraged from this success we keep our investments for more production. We began to sell to other industries out of mattress sector, and started to produce for automotive and agriculture industries. Sales to mattress industry have also been increased. Also, product varieties are proliferated. On production capacities andexports Annual production capacity for wire has been expanded to 70 thousand tons. Recently we selimgl to 56 countries. We decided to invest more in spring and garment machinery. We completed investments in foam production and have bought a land for the second factory building. By the end of 2017 it will be operational. On the comparison of the mattresssector in Turkey with the industryin other countries Since there are need for more mattress and more producers the industry is still growing. We were successful in the expansion in foam industry as well as in wire and spring side. Mattresses are produced now at higher and higher quality standards. Every player in Turkey follows this trend. Many of the companies try to address upper segment of the market they aimed. And, new entrants in the market follow what the leading brands have done.




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