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COMFYTEX: We aim to enter the top 5 in textile export

Comfytex General Manager Recep Kezik announced the targets of Comfytex for 2023.

Kezik, in his interview with Sleep Tech, said that they are targeting a turnover of 32 million dollars in the new year and that they are working to be among the top 5 companies in Turkey’s textile exports as a company, allocating 90% of its production to export. Recep Kezik expressing that they are in cooperation with Kayseri Erciyes University and that they are investing in university youth in order to strengthen their technical staff, pointed out that this cooperation will be very beneficial for the future of the R&D center and innovation.

  • 90% of production is allocated to export

The interdependence between countries has gradually increased, and economic and commercial relations have become the most important factor in the growth and development of countries in the globalizing world. Turkey has accelerated its work to encourage, support and direct exports in recent years in this context. Our country is in a very convenient position for export to all over the world with its strategic proximity to Europe, its historical and cultural ties with the Balkans, its geopolitical location surrounded by the sea on three sides, and its dominance over ports,. Turkey is in an important position cyclically in the export of mattress fabric, which is the most loved face of sleep. We have taken our place in this growing market with Comfytex, which exports 90%.

  • 32 million dollars turnover is targeted

Our company, which completed its investments in 2021 and 2022 and doubled its production and turnover capabilities despite the negative effects of the pandemic process, achieves its aims with the increase in net sales in the 2022 budget period. As Comfytex in 2023, our target turnover is 32 million dollars, and we hope that our company, which is the 12th in Turkey in textile exports, will be among the top 5 in textile export in 2023.

  • Preparations for 4 fairs have already started before 2023

Participation in the fair events held in recent years is quite high; it makes a wide spectrum with the participation of different sectors and companies. We take our place as Comfytex in this range. The recognition of our company, which is growing day by day, is rising to a prominent position thanks to these fairs. We are among the leading companies in the mattress sector and our target is to rise to the first rank.

The opportunity to meet and collaborate with different customer and market groups is offered thanks to the fairs. By seizing this opportunity, we are going for utilize an opportunity to ensure our visitors and customers to see us as a business partner and to cooperate in the market together. We have increased our recognition in the Russian market with the Moscow Mebel 2022 fair, which we participated before closing the year 2022. We have started our preparations for the 4 fairs we will participate in when we arrive in 2023. We are very happy to be producing the most aesthetic, the most eye-catching and the most effective product of sleep. As Comfytex, we will continue to be here with our entire team to be the best and offer the best. We would like to thank all our partners who prefer us in this sector in our wide network from China to Colombia, from Greece to Denmark, from Algeria to Libya, from America to Canada.

  • Collaboration with the university in the R&D center

The competition between companies is quite high for mattress fabric used all over the world. That we are one step ahead of other companies is our biggest difference as Comfytex. This difference is ensured by quality production and the wideness of our product range. We are achieving a successful position in our exports by launching new products and making innovative touches to the innovative world. Turkey has accelerated its work to encourage, support and direct export in recent years in this context. Many new projects are being developed within our company. Comfytex, which has adopted university-industry cooperation as its principle, has been doing both commercial and academic work by blending different ideas and different thoughts with its R&D center. The most important feature that distinguishes us from other companies is that we are open to new ideas. The block-busting projects that our R&D center has developed in recent years are being followed by everyone. It is supported by both the academic sector and the business sector. The marketing designs of our products will also be presented to our customers by our professional team with a remarkable arrangement as always.

  • We follow world trends closely

Turkey is in an important position cyclically in the export of mattress fabric, which is the most loved face of sleep. And in this position, Comfytex has an important place. Our trained and well-equipped personnel, both our pattern-design unit and our R&D center, complete their work by closely following world trends. Thanks to well-directed approaches, our new collections will help increase profitability and market share in order to turn all sales and marketing efforts into the best possible results by gaining valuable information about products and services that will be able to affect market trends, consumer segments and the company’s success through a special strategic plan.

  • Investing in the university, investing in the future

As we all know, that the technology takes place in our lives rapidly especially in the last 15 years, has been important for our rise in parallel with the world, in terms of renewal and fulfilling the requirements of the age, even in well-established companies in the world and in Turkey. By taking its innovative stand as its basis since its establishment, our company has been increasing its investments in this sense. We aim to produce 1 million 300 thousand kg of yarn per month with the polyester yarn production factory that we will build in the free zone in 2023. 40 new employments will be provided for our factory, all of which will consist of engineers and technical staff. A protocol was signed with Erciyes University Rectorship within the framework of university-industry cooperation for new employment and some of these staff will be trained from Erciyes University students.