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Dolphin Pack offers customized solutions in the packaging machinery

The main businesses of Dolphin Pack are packaging & compressing machines for the bedding and PU Foam industries and packaging machines for furniture products, as well as specific packaging solutions for various sectors.

Dolphin Pack has specialized in the production of mattress packaging machines for the last thirty years. The packaging made by their equipment is safe and ideal for moving different mattresses and accessories. The packaging is professional and thanks to the modular aspect of each machine model, if a customer requires a special configuration, the equipment can be customized. There are many machines according to packaging needs, including only pack, press&roll, fold&roll, double roll and double pack and flat vacuum compression. We conducted an interview with a company official to convey the details of their success story. Full text of the exclusive interview follows.

Dolphin Pack serves in the packaging industry over four decades. There are many types of packaging machineries. Can you briefly tell us about your product types and lines?

We study, design, and produce internally at our headquarter in Italy packaging machines and transport systems for heavy products. Our main businesses are packing & compressing machines for the bedding and PU Foam industry and packing machines for furniture products. Over 40 years we’ve developed various solutions thanks also to the different requests received from our customers all over the world. Due to the constant evolution of market trends, we improve our technologies to meet new requirements and for those customers who have special requests, our technical team is prone to study customized solutions.

Can you briefly talk about the innovations in the packaging industry in general and in the mattress industry in particular?

With the pandemic, the mattress industry has seen a growth in production requirements and especially in the final dimension that mattresses must have to increase shipping capacity. The main innovations we’ve developed have been aimed at increasing compression capacity to reduce the original volume, to optimize the production capacity and to improve the ergonomic aspect of the equipment. Furthermore, the challenge of finding a solution to achieve the same volume reduction but using a material other than PE film for sustainable purposes, has led us to research new materials and consequently to develop new devices to be able to work with these new products.

Recycling has been a word pronounced very often in the packaging industry. Do you have any action at this regard for the packaging process?

One of the hallmarks of our packaging machines is the fact that they are studied to have the lowest possible consumption once in production, which means that the effective electrical consumption of the machine is always lower than the total power installed on it. We are always looking for technological improvements that can help customers to prolong the life of the components installed on the equipment and to reduce consumption. Thanks to the high quality of our sealing system, our clients can already reduce PE FILM consumption by reducing the film thickness. Moreover, due to new market trends we’re committed to designing new components that will enable customers using different types of packaging materials, more sustainable, to avoid the use of PE FILM.

Do you have new investment plans for the new future?

Dolphin Pack is a company in constant growth, and among the investments for the near future are the improvement of the upstream supply chain, which is one of the key aspects to increase and optimize our production, and the expansion of our presence in the US territory, where we are already present since 2019 with Dolphin Pack USA LLC.

Could you mention about your R&D studies? How important are R&D works in your development strategies?

Dolphin Pack, as its owner, has a special commitment to research and study new solutions to improve existing equipment to make it more ergonomic, or to increase its production capacity. The same commitment is applied when we decide to design completely new devices that could be integrated to our existing lines or that could become a new model in our portfolio.

Exhibitions are very important for every company to be known in the sector and to build up their brand images. Which exhibitions will you attend in 2023?

Last year we participated in 6 fairs in different sectors and countries. In 2023 there are various expos we’ll be attending, but at the moment we’re definitely looking forward to INTERZUM Cologne, which will finally be back in presence after 2019. As always, we’ll be at booth D040 in the Hall 9.1 with a stand of 148 m2, ready to welcome clients and prospects from all over the world to share in person the innovations developed in these years.