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Elektroteks considers everything for its customers


Osman Güler, Chairman of the Board of Elektroteks

Aiming at providing the best service to its customers with the best technology machines, the company reaches 130 countries in 5 continents.

Elektroteks, which was established as Güler Elektronik in 1990 to provide electrical and electronic services to textile factories in Bursa, continues its activities by developing and growing. The company, which has focused on the production of mattress manufacturing machines for about 15 years, is one of the few companies in the world that can establish turnkey mattress factories. Elektroteks has produced the world’s first robotic mattress production lines with the best technology and transformed the assembly parts in the first and second phase study into robotic production.

The company attaches importance to quality with its qualified and high-tech production. Elektroteks produces integrated facilities that comply with industry 4.0 and exports them to 130 countries in 5 continents. 8 percent of the mattress production machines manufactured by Elektroteks in 2020 are sold domestically. The export rate of the company is 92 percent.

“We achieved 50 percent growth in 2020”

Osman Güler, Chairman of the Board of Elektroteks, explained optimistically, “I think the pandemic period is the most productive year for our industry. We had difficulties in meeting the demands. In 2020, we achieved 50 percent growth on production basis. We increased our staff by 60 percent to 250 people in order to meet the orders, which are more than double our capacity.”

Expressing that they had problems in matters such as raw materials and logistics during the pandemic period, Güler said that they made proper planning because they anticipated the problems in raw materials. Osman Güler continued his words as follows: “We made our agreements and stocks before the pandemic came to our country. Therefore, it was easier for us to overcome the problems in the pandemic period, but there were problems in logistics. There have been minor disruptions in our production. Logistics problems also forced us in the shipment of ready-made machines. We tried to overcome these problems with our planned and efficient work. We also experienced problems in the assembly of the machines.”

“Problems such as the closure of the factories we work with due to the pandemic, visa, plane tickets, accommodation of staff abroad and health problems there also forced us. Therefore, more of our technicians stayed abroad. In addition, our machine costs have increased considerably and human management has become difficult. On the other hand, freight prices approached product prices. Thus, the prices of all products and services increased,” Osman Güler concluded.

“We tried to satisfy our customers”

Stating that they are trying to satisfy their customers by overcoming all difficulties, Elektroteks Chairman of the Board, Osman Güler, “We continue our way with determined steps to satisfy our customers. During the pandemic period, we also gained experience in crisis management. We learned e-commerce better. We added many issues such as remote machine installation to our lives by working remotely during this period,” he said.

Underlining that they turned the pandemic period into an opportunity and that they were a company that attaches importance to innovative products, Osman Güler continued his words as follows: “We are developing new production methods by examining all the details in mattress production. You will see many different production methods and machines very soon. We are moving forward with fast and confident steps with our R&D engineer staff.”

Elektroteks Chairman of the Board, Osman Güler, “We minimize the human factor by designing and manufacturing integrated facilities suitable for Industry 4.0. By detecting the errors that occur or may occur in production, we design and manufacture high-tech machines to eliminate them. After delivering the machines, we make a difference by being next to our customers 24/7. As Elektroteks, we strengthen factories with automation. We increase the production and quality of our factories. That’s why we are a competitive and preferred brand,” he said. 

“We made significant investments”

Stating that the demands of Elektroteks to establish machinery and integrated production facilities have increased with the increasing brand value in the sector, Osman Güler, “We made significant investments in employment during the pandemic period to meet this demand. We have added a new factory investment in Görükle Industrial Zone to our existing factory, which has a closed area of 15 thousand square meters. On an area of 40 thousand square meters, we are building another section of which 15 thousand square meters is currently in production and 10 thousand square meters are under construction. We made an investment of 12 million Euros in a short period of 15 months, together with the machinery and equipment inside. By the end of 2021, we plan to increase our employment to 300 people and increase our production three times compared to 2019,” he said.

Emphasizing that they set up production lines to factories that manufacture mattresses with the best technology and that they sell mattress production machines to 130 countries, Elektroteks Chairman of the Board, Osman Güler completed his words as follows: “We are preparing to contribute to engineering education. We are a company that loves our country. Our aim is not only to rise as Elektroteks. We want to make Turkey the number one country in the mattress industry.”