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The address of quality products with its expert team: Bed Covers


The company, which designs the best products with its trained team, aims to offer its products to more people by exporting to the whole world in the future.

Duygu Günaydın, Deputy General Manager of Bed Covers

Established in Ankara in 1995, Bed Covers continues its work with its expert staff with a perfect production approach. The company, that attaches importance to world fashion and comfort, follows all innovations with the intention of being a pioneer in new products. Bed Covers, which has all kinds of opportunities for innovative products, carries out product research at the best level with its R&D centers. Working in integration with the best technology machines, the company has a very high quality position in the sector. We talked to Duygu Günaydın, Deputy General Manager of Bed Covers, which provides instant support to customer satisfaction and feedback, about the company’s future work and goals.

How did you go through the pandemic process? I would like to hear your thoughts on 2020.

It was a really difficult year in terms of work and production efficiency. The pandemic process was a problematic period for our employees and us, but we made a lot of effort to ensure that the pandemic did not affect our production capacity. Our capacity in 2020 was better than in 2019 but we had to exceed our potential to achieve this efficiency. So we had to work harder than ever and we all worked hard together. We thank our employees and our team for this, because they worked with all their energies during the pandemic period.

What would you say about your product range and production capacity? Can I also get information about your usage areas?

As you know, we are a company with a wide product range and the demands of our products have certain seasons. We use our production capacity in a dynamic structure according to these periods. We group our product range in three types as white, bag and cover. White group; pillows, duvet covers, quilts, mattresses, etc. Cover; foam mattress covers, medical covers. Our bag group; mattress carrying bags, white group bags. Our areas of use are generally for sleep products, but we design our products according to the demands of our customers as store, online and medical sales.

Which of your products is most demanded by customers?

Our customers love each of our products. We can easily observe this because we get very good feedback. Thus, our motivation to work to design better products increases. Our mattress covers are the most demanding product for export, while our white group is preferred more in the domestic market.

What kind of research do you have on R&D and innovation? What are your references for designing new products? I am especially curious about this topic.

I think that every sector and every person always needs difference and innovation. We listen to people’s needs and problems and find out what kind of research we need to do. We are trying to make innovations by evaluating a product that is in the production phase and making it more innovative. So I can say that our customers are our compass in our R&D and innovation process.

How do you provide raw material supply?

There are many alternative manufacturing companies for raw materials in our country. We generally work with local producers. We are trying to keep the domestic production rate of our products high. In this way, both we and our producers win. In today’s conditions, we, as producers and consumers, need to support each other in all matters.

I also want to learn the main reasons that make your products different in the sector. How would you express this situation?

Our primary goal is to work honestly. We care about listening to the customer in every subject and working according to the demands of our customers. We observe the process of our products from the production stage until they reach the customer. We strive to help our consumers.

Which countries do you export to and what is your export target for 2021? Also, what is the ratio of your exports to your total sales?

We sell to many countries. We export to countries such as England, Romania, Israel, America and Tunisia. The ratio of our exports to our total sales is 65%. Our goal in 2021 is to be able to sell to countries where we have never been able to export before.

I want to complete our interview by asking your biggest goal in the industry.

We want to export all over the world in the future. We aim to offer our quality products to everyone in the world and to further expand our product range. I believe that we will achieve our goals as a team if we maintain our working performance in the same way. We can be one of the best companies in the world with our employees who always work more and want the best.