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Elektroteks increases R&D investments

Participating in Sleepwell Expo 2016, Elektroteks, a leading mattress machinery manufacturer in Turkey, has been increasing its R&D investments in 2017.

As a company taking firm steps to be the leading global manufacturer for mattress and quilting production6
technologies,Elektroteks is a respectful name in the sector for 25 years.
Serkan Güler, Sales Director of Elektroteks Mattress Machinery, underlines the significance of innovation and passion that the company attaches. “Designing the motion, working on the small artistic touches on the harmony, developing things that make products, thinking differently and innovating the minds; these are all we do and the only source is the passion,” explains Güler and adds, “There are thousands to say to define an unbeatable product, but it is only unbeatable in passionless minds.”

Mr. Guler points out that: at the end of third quarter of 2016 they have reached 85 different countries in 5 continents with the export rate of 90%. As the leading producer in Turkey and one of the top three in Europe, we increased the production capacity by around 50% with 12 000 sqm closed area new plant, and new machine park investments.
One of the biggest parts of Elektroteks production is to design automated turnkey mattress production projects which are fully tailor made for your company. With the last years turnkey project implementations, Elektroteks became globally the most experienced solution partner of mattress producers. The whole project is studied according each customer from the aspects of decreasing operational costs, increasing consistency of mattress quality, decreasing the dirt and the damages on the mattresses during the production, eliminating the unproductive effects of different variety of mattresses, ergonomics and your factory layout. At the end of the day, the turnkey project is implemented in order for you to increase the efficiency significantly with consistent product quality as well as easy management of the production.

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As for the new products in 2016, the full automatic mattress panel hemming machine, full automatic vacuum & rollpack lines, various border machines and new mattress assembly line automations became the new innovations and joined Elektroteks’ machinery family and gained high volume turnover within a short interval of time.

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Research and development activities have always been the most exciting for our business, says Mr. Guler. Smarter, faster and sustainable developments will be the 2017 mottoes of Elektroteks. The new and dynamic members of R&D team support new developments on all activities of the company. There are remarkable new machines coming in 2017 as well as many new generation versions of existing machines. Innovations will not only be on the products but also on the management and operation divisions of Elektroteks, Elektroteks customers and suppliers.


The premium after sales service has always been one of the the biggest keys of Elektroteks success. Everything always starts after installing a machine at Elektroteks and service always has the number one priority among all other business activities. The new after sales management system went live in the 2nd quarter of 2016 and sustainably lets the customers have faster and more comprehensive service and consultancy.

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