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Rolteks ensures quality mattress and furniture manufacturing

Furkan Çetinbulut, Member of Board

The quality of a product depends on quality of raw materials and production techniques. Fiber is the most important element in mattress and furniture fabrics. Rolteks stands for the best raw materials at this regard and serves the industry with a professional approach.
We conducted a fruitful interview with Mr. Furkan Çetinbulut, third generation family member of Mitsan Group.

Can you brief us about your company?

Rolteks is a new investment of Mitsan Group on Polyester Fiber Wadding Products. The company is situated on a 7,000 sqm closed area. With an annual capacity of 1.5 Million sqm production, we are one of the leading suppliers of furniture, mattress and home-textile industries. Our products are preferred by their regulated quality. As you know, quality at all times is the most important issue on regulated production for furniture and home-textile industries. Small differences in variated order lots may cause big damages for producers. Our technology ensures same quality in all lots.

How much microfiber is used in mattress production? What kinds of mattresses need microfiber in production?

It depends on how density used in the mattress. This amount varies regarding countries. Because each country has its own sleep culture. As an example, Anglo-Saxon nations prefer soft mattresses while Iran people prefer hard mattresses. Almost 2 kg microfiber per mattress is used in domestic market. There are several filling materials used in mattress quilting such as wool, cotton. But microfiber is generally preferred by mattress producers in their products because of durability, hygene and low-cost issues.


How is microfiber production in Turkey with regards to quality and quantity?

Microfiber is one of the main components of home-textile products. As we consider the strength and bigness of this industry, Turkey is one of the leading microfiber producers in the World. We have really big and competitive companies. As Rolteks, our vision is to be one of the key suppliers in EMEA Region.

How is the microfiber industry in the world? Which countries are the main suppliers and which ones are importers?

Microfiber wadding has wide range of usage so much so that it is produced in most countries. But China is the leader in the World. Turkey is the key producer in EMEA Region.


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