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Photography by Renat Buts

Elektroteks wants to increase its effectiveness in the American market

Osman Güler, Chairman of the Board of Elektroteks, one of the leading companies in the mattress industry, stressed that the American market is a large and value-added market in the field of mattress production machinery. Güler conveyed that they will make nearly 50 percent of the total exports here this year and that they have established a company in the USA to be more effective in the market.

Elektroteks, which is among the few companies in the world in the field of mattress production machinery, has a share of 70 percent in the world in the field of integrated mattress production facilities. The export kilogram value of Elektroteks, producing special machinery for needs with quilting, packaging machines, mattress production line, mattress glue line, border machines, is 35 dollars. The company, which recently started to establish turnkey foam factories by adding foam machines to its production, is trying to catch up with a large number of orders from abroad as well as from Turkey. Osman Güler, Chairman of the Board of Electroteks, stated that they made a rapid entry into the foam field as they received a high demand, said that they will complete the product range in this field by producing all the necessary machines, except for foam casting. Güler, reminding that they have recently built a fully automated foam warehouse that can be controlled by a single person on an area of 10 decares abroad, also declared that they have developed the production of machinery parks and that they have received two new foam storage area projects.

IT increases export to the American market

On the other hand, Osman Güler stated that they are continuing their investments to become an integrated facility and that they have moved 90 percent of the production to the new facility that was established on an area of 40 thousand square meters, and that they have productions that are mass production in the current area of ​​15 thousand square meters, which need less follow-up. Güler expressing that especially the American market stands out in export, said that they made 38 percent of the total export here last year, and this rate will increase this year. Osman Güler stated that they attach great importance to the American market, which is a value-added market, conveyed that they established a company in the USA in order to penetrate the market more. Güler, pointing out that they produce machines suitable for Industry 4.0, stated that their goal is to establish unmanned production facilities, dark factories and increase the use of robots in mattress production facilities. Osman Güler, pointing out that there is a demand shrinking around the world, said “It is a little more obvious in our sector. There was also the expectation of recession. It is because there was a sudden demand burst during the pandemic period. I think the sector will get through this process with little damage.”

“We made Turkey’s presence felt in the sector”

Osman Güler, who also serves as the Chairman of the Board of the International Mattress Industry Association (IBIA), stated that they aim to increase production from 3 billion dollars to 4 billion dollars and exports from 2 billion dollars to 3 billion dollars by the end of 2023. Güler, reminding that they held the IBIA Expo-Bedding Sub-Industry and Technologies Fair, which is the first and only fair of its sector in Turkey, this year in this context, made the following assessment: “Visitors from 91 countries came to the fair where our 120 companies participated. It was held on an area of 15 thousand square meters in the first year. We will hold a fair on an area of at least 25 thousand square meters with the participation of more companies between September 28 and October 1 next year. In fact, we plan to organize a fair abroad with fewer companies participating in the coming period. With this fair, we showed that Turkey has a strong presence in this sector. We need to promote and explain our country and our sector in this area faster and better. We hosted many visitors especially from America. We became more prominent than the fairs around the world with our variety, quality and price advantage.”