Anasayfa / RAW MATERIALS / EDR Kimya / Kayteks: We consider adhesives and felt as inseparable parts of each other

EDR Kimya / Kayteks: We consider adhesives and felt as inseparable parts of each other

Eren Çelik, Owner of EDR Kimya and Kayteks, said that EDR, where they produce adhesives, and Kayteks, where they produce felt, act together in terms of both customer satisfaction and the correct use of cost.


The two brands operating in the chemicals and felts industry have been supplying quality products for mattress manufacturers. We made an exclusive interview with Eren Çelik, proprietor of the company to highlight their superiorities:

Can you detail your products addressing to the mattress manufacturing industry?

Like the BONE-MEAT, adhesive produced by EDR Kimya and Felt produced by Kayteks are both products that complete one another. When the last one is used the first one must be there as well. MEAT must be as healthier than the BONE if both are used together. If the choice is for high quality adhesive, felt must also follow the same trend.

In recent years, the pace of the change in world supply chain has deathly affected the sector actors. To revert this negative impact into an advantage, a ‘’ NICHE/LOCALE’’ service has come to life from international suppliers.

Taking into account this quick change and to respond quickly and cost efficiently to the expected services, gathering ADHESIVE and FELT under the same roof for a WIN – WIN goal has been approved.

As the adhesive is a chemical product with a limited end use date, to supply it to clients with a necessary quantity at cost effective way is to deliver it with felt.

Choosing the right procurement strategy by combining into same Truck ADHESIVE and FELT helps to Get rid of 4 main risks:

  • High Stock Risk
  • High-Cost Risk
  • Risk of Passing End Use Date
  • Supply Delay Risk

Buying the Adhesive and Felt into the same truck bring the advantage of BUYING FRESH USING FRESH and this leads Mattresses and Sofa Producers to be more competitive in the business by taking advantages in quality.

Do you have any new investment plans or increasing your investments in the mattress components industry?

As stated above, we are obliged to align ourselves to the fast change of the world. New investments are a MUST and ended, this has already started by increasing our production capacity and widening our product ranges.  At the moment, we have over 7000 sqm production space that is being built at Kahraman, Kazan. With our new investments, we aim to achieve wider range of customers but with a local / niche service process.

Can you tell us about the domestic or foreign brands that you are in contact with or partner with in the mattress industry?

With our current production capacity, we have reached over the past 20 years 55 countries where we are exporting on a Daily basis. To bring this success to another level, with the help of our new investments, we are aiming the loyalty of big brands of the sector. In order to push big brands like SEALY, TEMPUR, THERAPEDIC, IKEA, SIMMONS and SILENTNIGHT to get Supplied by us, we are strengthening our basement.

Which fairs do you exhibit at home and abroad?


Can you tell us about your export range and foreign trade marketing tactics?

Fast response, niche services, international trade, closer relations with clients and meat-born example activities that are united with each other.

How do you think EDR Kimya and Kayteks are positioned in the mattress components industry?

We believe to be at a good level in the sector but this is not enough, we are aiming to be a leader in both products especially in the world market.