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Durak Tekstil carries its innovative vision to IBIA EXPO 2022

Spot: Durak Tekstil, drawing an innovative vision with the principles of technique, art and sustainability, introduced its advanced solutions and shared its inspiring perspective with the entire supply chain of the mattress industry at the IBIA EXPO 2022.

Industrial sewing and embroidery threads manufacturer Durak Tekstil strengthened its ties with the mattress and mattress sub-industry by participating in the IBIA EXPO 2022 held at IFM on October 6-9. The company, coming together with professionals and decision-makers from the supply chain of the mattress sub-sector throughout the fair, managed to attract great attention from the visitors with its stand concept and design-oriented vision.

Durak Tekstil Board Member and Marketing Director Yiğit Durak said that they came together with numerous visitors at the stand G13 in Hall 6 and underlined that the fair, which was held for the first time, is an important event for the sector. Durak disclosed: “Organized by IBIA, of which we are one of the founding members, IBIA EXPO 2022 filled a gap that we felt was missing for the mattress side industry and became a platform to present innovations and increase interaction within the sector. We believe that the fair will turn into an indispensable event of our industry in the future with the opportunities it offers to exhibitors and visitors.” Reminding that the mattress industry is an important business line that creates employment for 25 thousand people in our country, Durak noted that the fair is also important for the Turkish mattress industry, which has an export power of 2 billion dollars, to open up to the global market and gain a more competitive position.

“We shared our technical, artistic and sustainable vision”

Yiğit Durak stated that Durak Tekstil, celebrating the 50th anniversary of its establishment this year, clarified its future perspective with a strong experience, and noted that they sum this up with the three slogans they determined. Durak said: “We have already started to take our steps beyond being an ordinary manufacturer in the market solely with our industrial sewing and embroidery threads. Our investments and R&D studies offer us a stronger vision. We have determined three slogans to share this with the industry: ‘Experience Technology with Durak’, ‘Experience Art with Durak’ and ‘Experience Nature with Durak’. These three slogans will become more visible in our market activities in the coming period because they reflect our corporate character fed by our deep-rooted past.”

Durak noted that they exhibited numerous products at the IBIA EXPO 2022 and relayed that in addition to the main products such as Durafix, Duratex and Polystrong, solutions such as Duma and Duraless also attracted great interest. Durak, saying that they receive a high demand for threads that have technical features and add value to the mattress industry, shared that Fire Safe aramid threads, which are fire and flammability resistant, drew attention in this area.

The artistic work named Morphose, exhibited at the Durak Tekstil stand, was another frequent destination for visitors. 18,720 meters of Durak Tekstil threads in 97 colors were used for the work, which was produced by the design house Ropenroll using Durak Tekstil threads and the 3D string art technique.

Durak Tekstil received the Turquality Brand Support Certificate

Durak Tekstil, offering solutions for numerous different sectors with its technical threads and sustainability-oriented products, as well as advanced sewing and embroidery threads, also carries out important studies to reach a more competitive and strong position in the global market. In this context, it was entitled to participate in the Turquality Brand Support Program of the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Türkiye.

Briefing on the subject, Yiğit Durak said that their Turquality works are progressing successfully and the participation in the Brand Support Program confirms this. Durak stated: “A total of 377 companies in our country receive Turquality support and continue their activities abroad more strongly. We expect to make very rapid progress, especially in certain regions where we see great potential and where we have started to work. This support will provide us with great convenience in both established sales and marketing investments and participation in fairs. We believe that this support is of great importance not only for us but also for the development of the Turkish economy. We know that every added value we provide in exports will add value to our country’s economy.”