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Elektroteks: We aim for export 40 million dollars

Osman Güler, Chairman of the Board of Elektroteks, signaled that they will rapidly continue with production, export, innovation, fairs and many other investments in order to contribute to the development of the Turkish economy and to make a larger Elektroteks in the 100th anniversary of the Republic.

Osman Güler, interviewed with Sleep Tech magazine, said that the basic motto of Elektroteks is innovation and that they are working very devotedly to make Turkey’s first unmanned mattress production line. Osman Güler, stating that they allocate 95% of the production to export and they make 35-million dollar export at the moment, pointed out that the new year’s target is the 40-million dollar export. Mr. Osman, mentioning the fairs, said that in 2022 he will attend all fairs around the world.

We allocate 95% of our production to export

As Elektroteks, we are one of the companies leading the world in mattress production technologies and we are generally producing for export. We have not ended the year 2022 yet, but we think that we will complete around 95% of a production of approximately 37 million dollars namely it is 35 million dollars from export.

Despite the expectation of stagnation in the global economy, we are targeting an export of 40 million dollars and above, considering our already received orders and expected preliminary negotiations for 2023. Of course, this may change depending on the effects of the expected recession around the world.

By the way, if we can evaluate the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic process in China correctly, many new orders may come to our country and we as Elektroteks will benefit from this and we can increase the export figures even more.

Capacity increase for more production

We have completed 90% of our new factory investment, which we started in the first months of 2020. We gradually increased our production area, which was 15 thousand square meters three years ago, to 55 thousand square meters. However, it provided the opportunity for serious increases in our production capacity. We increased our employment of 150 people to 350 people.

We are planning to double our capacity by realizing our new production models in a short time.

We decided to manufacture machinery for different sectors beside the capacity increase, and we chose the foam production sector, which is close to the mattress sector and even has many common customers. Except for foam casting, we are planning to gradually manufacture all machinery such as storage cutting, gluing, forming and packaging. We have completed many production models related to these and our rapid R&D studies for the remaining machines are continuing.

We believe that we will become a world-class brand and leading company here, as in the mattress sector.

Our work in the foam production sector has not slowed the pace of our work in the mattress production sector.

Work for Unmanned bed production continues

We are already working on innovation and our motto is innovation. We implement 3-4 new projects every month thanks to our R&D studies. In 2023, our R&D studies and innovations will be to increase additional robots on the mattress production line.

The facility studies for the unmanned mattress production that we have started in the mattress sector are continuing. We gradually transfer the production steps to robotic systems one by one. There are our nearly twenty production lines where we transfer certain steps to robots. We are approaching the dark production line step by step.

13 fairs from USA to India, from Mexico to Dubai

We have a serious fair traffic in order to introduce all these work to the world. We attach great importance to participation in fairs. We participated in 13 fairs around the world in 2022, and we had a serious Elektroteks wind blow in many fairs. We had very positive meetings and got good results. While introducing the machines we produce for mattress production, we also participated in fairs related to foam. All the fairs we attended, from the USA to Mexico, from India to Dubai, were very productive and we increased our trust by reinforcing the bonds between us and our customers.

And of course, it is a must to mention the IBIA EXPO Fair, which we organize as IBIA. Although it was organized for the first time, the best fair became IBIA EXPO. In this fair held at the beginning of October, we hosted professional visitors from 91 countries and 320 different cities, 5 thousand 700 foreigners, from a total of 22 thousand people from the sector. Due to that it is a fair organized by our association, although we increased our fair area of 10 thousand square meters to 15 thousand square meters due to high demand, our area was insufficient and we could not accommodate the participants we planned from abroad. Thus, our visitors had the opportunity to come together with many new manufacturers that they had not had the opportunity to meet until now.

By the way, let me talk about our plans for IBIA EXPO 2023 as the Chairman of the IBIA Association, and the Chairman of the Board of Elektroteks.

IBIA EXPO 2023 will be held between September 28 and October 1, and we are planning to add two more halls, that is, 10 thousand square meters, to our existing space, on an area of 25 thousand square meters. Thus, we will have the opportunity to easily accommodate our participants from abroad. We expect nearly 30 thousand professional visitors from 100 different countries, together with our expectation of participation of 200 companies. This year, we are planning to make the IBIA EXPO Fair the largest sector fair in the region by being much better organized. Mattress manufacturers will find everything they need here. In addition to our well-known companies all over the world, they will meet companies that they have never heard of, but that manufacture products with very high quality and attractive prices. This Fair will be an opportunity for all mattress manufacturers rather than the opportunity for the participating companies.

Be sure that IBIA EXPO 2023 fair will be a much bigger and impressive exhibition than one we showed at 2022.

Of course, we, as Elektroteks, will be with you in one of the biggest stands at IBIA EXPO 2023, just like this year. Not only in this fair, but as in previous years, we are planning to be with you in all the mattress supplier sector fairs, as well as in fairs serving foam manufacturers.

Renewable energy investment

As for new investments, I would like to point out the following; our investments continue uninterrupted. For example, by commissioning the paint shop, which is 95% finished, in 2023, we will increase our quality and speed in the paint section of our machines. After that, we want to include our sheet metal processing part.

The energy crisis in the whole world has also affected our costs considerably. We started our studies on renewable energy in order to reduce our costs and contribute to overcoming the crisis, even if it is small. We have obtained the necessary permits and very recently, our 1600 kilowatt SPP investment will have started and will be completed in 2023.

As Elektroteks, we are continuing and will continue our innovative studies with all our strength in order to develop the country’s economy and contribute to the sector’s technologies.