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Hasplast: Our primary goal is to keep the service quality high

Hasplast Chairman of the Board of Directors Serkan Elitaş made statements regarding their targets and investment plans for 2023.

Elitaş, in his interview with Sleep Tech magazine, said that they made moves to increase both export and production capacity in the new year, and that they made investments in machinery park, facility and production area in this process. Touching on the subject of fairs, Serkan Elitaş stated that fairs are extremely important and participation is inevitable for companies that want to grow in their sector.

We want to increase our operational power in existing markets

Our market share, which has been going on for many years, especially in the European and American markets, showed a growing momentum with our new investments in the marketing breakthroughs we made in 2022. Our primary goal has always been to keep our quality and service standards high, not to expand the market. We have successfully achieved this goal so far. In 2023, we plan to increase our operational power in existing markets and to expand into new markets.

Our target is a production capacity of 1500 tons per month.

As you know, in the last quarter of 2022, we moved to our new facility located in Kayseri OIZ. After this difficult process, we showed a significant increase in our production quality and capacity. Our team is working feverishly to increase our plastic packaging production capacity, which is currently 1000 tons per month, to 1500 tons per month in the first half of 2023.

We will show up at Interzum, IBIA EXPO, Telford England Fairs

Of course, as the Hasplast family, we are aware of the importance of sectoral fairs and their contributions to our sector, and we find it very useful. Sectoral fairs are not only important in the fields of sales and marketing. They are very important opportunities for companies and their teams to improve themselves by closely following the sector, innovations and developments around the world. We are definitely planning to take part in the 3 most important fairs of the sector around the world, such as Germany Interzum, IBIA EXPO Istanbul and Telford England in 2023.

We respond to every request from customers with the most up-to-date product range.

We have closely followed since the day we were founded, the developments in the sector in terms of product quality standards and innovation and we are following. We evaluate every demand coming from our customers and the market and respond with the most up-to-date product range. Of course, we will continue to progress by adding all the innovations demanded by the market and our customers and all the products to our collection to meet their needs in 2023 and in the following years.

We are investing to increase our machine park and production volume

As we mentioned before, the year 2022 has been completed as a year of radical innovation for us although we were not moved to our new facility. Now, the work to enlarge our production area in our new facility is continuing in our field. In addition to these work, we have made a serious investment to increase our machinery park and production volume. We are getting ready to appear before our competitors and customers with our production volume, product collection, delivery speed and increased quality standards in the new year.