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Erplast Our goal is to become a well-known brand in the American market

Fatih Okumuşer, General Manager of Erplast, stated that they were very satisfied with the ISPA Expo fair and that their activities for this market will continue in the coming years.

How was the ISPA Expo fair for you? Were you satisfied with the visitor population of the fair?

During this exhibition process, we had a productive fair process where we gained new experiences with customers about bed mattress machines and components that will affect product development in line with supply and demand.

How did Erplast perform at the fair?

As Erplast, we carefully prepared and exhibited our products for the participants with this fair. We presented our products in line with the new customers we added to our organisation and their demands. We hosted our visitors in the best way possible and satisfied them with both the innovation of our products and our hospitality. We reached agreements on solution partnership with both our customers that we have already done business with in the American market and many professionals in our potential customer portfolio.

Our goal is to renew and develop ourselves in line with the experiences we have gained as Erplast and to grow rapidly and to make our brand’s name frequently mentioned in the American market.