Anasayfa / ACTUEL / Form Sünger: We performed well at ISPA Expo

Form Sünger: We performed well at ISPA Expo

Volkan Yılmaz, Form Sünger Export Sales and Marketing Chief, said that they exhibited their products in the best way at ISPA Expo and that long-term commercial negotiations are continuing with the potential customers they hosted at the fair.

Volkan Yılmaz stated that it is difficult to export to the American market because it is a distant market to Turkiye and there are many large and small foam producers in many countries of the continent, and that it is not enough to enter the market only with the quality product-competitive price index, and emphasized that the ISPA Expo fair is of vital importance for them. Yılmaz made the following statements after the exhibition; “In addition to offering quality products and competitive prices, it is necessary to explain your company and products to customers very well and increase your awareness in the eyes of customers. It is necessary to convince customers by informing them well on issues such as long transit time, supply process planning. Since all these are elements that involve a certain process, we have taken the first steps of this process with the products we exhibited at this fair and the information we provided to our guests who visited our stand. In this context, as a company, we have demonstrated a good performance during the fair with the preparations we made before the fair. We are currently in intensive negotiations with our guests we met at the fair. We are in an effort to do good work in terms of contributing to the exports of both our company and our country from the fair that we have worked very hard.”