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Erplast: We continue to explore new markets

Erplast General Manager Fatih Okumuşer stated that they will continue to follow a growth-oriented policy in 2024 and will continue their claim to be the leading company in the sector.

Fatih Okumuşer stated in his interview that they use written communication resources in marketing and public relations and that they will continue to do so in the following period, and that they will take part as exhibitors in many fairs that they deem useful at home and abroad.

Could you briefly describe the vision that Erplast will follow in 2024?

As a brand that sets its targets to meet the demands and needs of our customers in the preparation processes of our products and attaches great importance to continuing our work in this sector with an environmentalist approach, we will be a leading Erplast that is always developing and growing both at home and abroad in 2024.

What changes do you plan to make in the product range in 2024?

We will continue to serve in the same way in the new year with our wide product portfolio and products that we use highly technological innovations in accordance with the expectations of our customers. We plan to revise our products in response to customer diversity by adhering to innovations and continuity.

In which fairs will you take part as an exhibitor at home and abroad?

We will participate in the IBIA Expo fair in 2024, which we started to participate in 2022 in Turkey and whose benefits we can see in the long term. We aim to host our customers at our stand in the best way and establish long collaborations by participating in other fairs abroad, especially in the UK, America and Romania.

Are there any new markets you plan to enter abroad? Which ones?

Of course, we have revised our targets after the positive course of our exports compared to the previous years. As Erplast, we continue our activities to discover new markets and develop our existing markets.

What kind of a path do you plan to follow in the field of advertising, marketing and public relations in the new year?

We have and will continue to have activities to promote our brand through written communication sources. We will try to keep our awareness at the forefront by participating in international and domestic fair organizations, travel and other commercial events.

How do you position Erplast in the Turkish mattress sub-industry industry?

Turkey’s mattress industry is at the top of the world rankings and this situation contributes to the development of the mattress sub-industry. As Erplast family, our increasingly qualified staff and developing production are working with many companies that have made a name for themselves in the mattress industry and providing superior service. We will continue to improve ourselves and progress in the plastic packaging sector, which has an important position in the mattress supply industry both in our country and worldwide.