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Inno & Innova Bedding: We offer natural, sustainable and biodegradable products

Önder Honi, the owner of Inno & Innova Bedding, which produces both mattresses and bedding materials, said that they would continue to produce chemical-free natural products in accordance with their founding philosophy in the new year.

Emphasizing sustainability and natural products in his interview, Önder Honi stated that they would continue to exhibit their handmade and chemical-free products in many fairs at home and abroad. Stating that the sleep industry is a growing industry in Turkiye, Mr. Önder Honi emphasized that while other players in the sector make more mass production to meet the demand and, in this process, they compromise on naturalness and sustainability, they produce natural sleep products unlike their colleagues and their aim is not to sell more products but to sell qualified products. Full text of the exclusive interview follows:

Could you briefly describe the vision that Inno & Innova Bedding will follow in 2024?

In 2024, Innova Bedding and its sister company Inno Bedding will continue to offer natural, sustainable and biodegradable products to our customers in Türkiye and around the world in accordance with the philosophy of our companies’ establishment and activities.

As in 2023, we will continue to produce with natural and sustainable products in 2024. Our resources are rapidly depleting, and in order for the next generations to use the products we use today, we need to use sustainable production and appropriate materials. In addition, our world is becoming increasingly polluted, we should reduce our waste and try to stop using products that do not dissolve in nature. In this direction, our Inno and Innova Bedding companies do not use any adhesives containing chemicals in both the products they trade and the products they produce, and also do not use synthetic and petrochemical products in production.

What changes are you planning to make in the product range in 2024?

The natural products of our Innova Bedding and Inno Yatak companies are biodegradable after their lifetime, which results in no waste to the environment. Therefore, when you use Innova Bedding mattresses or Inno Mattress Natural Materials, you are not only buying a product but also contributing to nature, environment and sustainability. The use of such products has become legally mandatory in Europe and some other countries, and we, as humans, each of us must contribute to sustainability and biodegradability. We will continue to produce and offer products in this direction in 2024.

In which fairs will you take part as an exhibitor in Türkiye and abroad?

Apart from the IIFF, we will take our place at the IBIA Expo fair, Dubai Sleep Expo ME Fair and the Anatolian furniture fair in Kayseri.

Are there any new markets you plan to enter abroad? Which ones?

We produce handmade, certified organic products, mattresses, quilts and other sleep products and sell them to international markets. Our branding process continues both in digital channels and traditional marketing channels. Our products have met with nature and natural sleep lovers in 17 countries.

Innova Bedding’s chemical-free, handmade natural mattresses are recognized in almost every country in the world. Every natural sleep-loving customer who is passionate about nature and knows the negative effects of chemical and synthetic products is a potential for us. However, Europe and the American continent in terms of development level, some markets in the Middle East in terms of monetary terms, and China and India with large populations are our markets.

What kind of a path do you plan to follow in the field of advertising, marketing and public relations in the new year?

We continue to promote and invest in digital channels, which have accelerated in the last 10 years. In the new year, we want to promote our products in new countries by travelling more to meet natural sleep lovers. We will continue to use digital marketing channels intensively, in addition to this, we will continue marketing activities through fairs, customer visits and traditional marketing channels.

How do you position your companies in the Turkish mattress industry?

In Türkiye, a large number of companies are operating in order to meet the growing sleep sector and the increasing demand every year and new players are also coming into play. Unlike our colleagues, we produce natural sleep products in this sector where quite large and effective companies operate. Synthetic polyester, polyurethane sponge and chemical-containing adhesives are mostly used in products such as mattresses, pillows and quilts. We use natural fibers such as latex sponge obtained from tree milk, organic certified cotton and sheep wool, coco fiber obtained from coconut, linen hemp and bamboo as well as silk, alpaca, cashmere and camel wool.