Anasayfa / ACTUEL / Feltturc: IBIA Expo is one of the 5 largest exhibitions in the global mattress industry

Feltturc: IBIA Expo is one of the 5 largest exhibitions in the global mattress industry

Feltturc Company Owner Mustafa Kiper said that IBIA Expo should be organized every year for the next 5 years.

Emphasizing that the idea of organizing the fair every two years would be logical, but that this is an early move, Mustafa Kiper stated that their belief and support for the fair will always continue and that better fair organizations can be achieved in the coming years. Mr. Mustafa stated that the fair was perfect in terms of both organization and promotion, but the coincidence with the recent fairs had a negative impact on the fair and expressed his views that the corporate support provided to the Sleep Expo Middle East fair held recently as IBIA Association should be withdrawn.

We can organize better fairs in the following years

Mustafa Kiper, who stated that the fair was good for them and that other companies also benefited from the fair as far as they observed in general, was asked about the performance of the fair: “The fair was good both for us and in general. Of course, this does not mean that it will not be better. In the following years, we can sign much better fairs together in terms of organization, exhibitors and visitors. Personally, I continue to believe in IBIA Expo as I did on the first day, and we will continue to support it both individually and as a company.”

The fair should be organized every year in the first place

Mr. Mustafa added that IBIA Expo is in an advantageous position for various reasons and commented on the future of the fair: “I believe that IBIA Expo is one of the top 5 mattress industry fairs in the world and will rise to the top with its current potential. We are in a fair with high potential both because Istanbul is a crossroads and Turkey has serious players in this sector. I also believe that it should be organized every year until it reaches a certain level. In other words, when the visitors wait for the fair instead of the fair visitors, then the option of every two years can be considered. But I think it is too early for that now. I think we need to revitalize the fair even more. This fair should continue every year for 5 years.”

Fairs organized in the near future affect us negatively

Mustafa Kiper, who stated that the fairs organized in recent history had a negative impact on IBIA Expo’s performance and caused a decrease in the visitor mass and made some criticisms on this issue; “Sleep Expo Middle East fair seriously affected IBIA Expo’s visitors from the Gulf. This created a negative impact for the fair. IBIA Expo has a serious potential visitor audience from the Middle East and East African countries. However, we saw very few visitors from these countries this year. Because the visitors from these countries fulfilled their needs at Sleep Expo Middle East. In addition, as IBIA, we provide corporate support to Sleep Expo Middle East. Of course, every company is free to participate in this fair, but I do not look favorably on supporting a fair that negatively affects us as an association. I express this at every IBIA board meeting. Let me express it again through you; either this corporate support should be cut or a middle ground should be found on the date.”