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First three export markets of Innova Bedding: China, India and Mauritania

Innova Bedding was founded in May 2016 and first year of the company passed with infrastructural works. Year 2016 started very productive for Innova Bedding, 2which signed a lot of agency, distribution and business collaboration contracts with some European, American and Far Eastern companies. Innova Bedding also stroke a deal with Zurich based Swiss company NA group for sourcing from Turkey to the NA group members in 7 countries in entire Europe. Innova Bedding’s first export country was China, second one was India and third one was Mauritania. Innova Bedding was born to be International. “When we settle our intentional existence we will never get affected with local crisis and economic slowdowns. This strategy was our main aim in 2016 and we succeed by selling to China, Mauritania, India, by buying from Canada, China and Italy,” said Mr. Onder Honi Founder of Innova Bedding.

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3“We are going to start 2017 with moving our new office and adding new sales and marketing people to Innova Bedding sales and marketing team. We will invest and open the new company STAN-TR that was born after the strategic agreement between Innova bedding and NA group companies that was signed in May 2016. Stan TR will start to source and export from Turkey to Central Europe.

“Innova Bedding and Stan TR are going to source their products from Iran, Korea, Canada, Italy, Holland, China, Cambodia, Turkey and IMG_4747will sell to Southern Caucasus, Middle East, Northern and Central Africa and Europe.

“India and China will remain our main target markets for our products. We are going to add Zipper, 3 D mesh, Spacer, Neck Pillow, Mattress Cover and lots of new innovation to our product portfolio for our valuable customers in entire world. “Our intentional network will be helpful to expand our international sales and we trust future of our country and Turkish Sleep Products Industry,” concluded Mr. Onder Honi Founder of Innova Bedding and partner of StanTR.”


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