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Form Foam: Not limits in exports

Selling to 53 countries as of 2017, Form Sunger (Foam) raises targets to sell in more countries


General manager of Form Sunger Mehmet Ali Yoruk told us about the characteristics of most preferred foams in the mattress industry and the activities of his company. He said visco elastic and high resilience type of foams are the most demanded types.


May we have brief info about the company?

Started with an aim to meet needs of other companies in the group in 2002 as an investment of Boydak Holding in chemicals industry, the company has now two major factories to produce quality products sold at competitive prices to a wide range of buyers network both in the country and in abroad. Second factory was established in Incesu, Kayseri in 2015. Our firm employs more than 400 people and is able to produce 7 thousand cubic meters of foam per day as the biggest producer in Turkey. Besides, we can also produce 3,500 pillows daily.


What are the specialties and the machine inventory of the factory?

Both factories are built on 227 thousand sqm land and have 81 thousand sqm covered area. Aiming to produce the highest quality foams we have the most popular machineries in the factory for several processes such as production, cutting, forming, and all other materials, raw materials, papers and packaging materials are supplied by the firms having the highest qualities.


Your company is a member of Europur, the European association of foam producers, and you are the chairman of this association. Will you give info about the activities of it?

The association you mentioned is for the better coordination among the block foam producers, EU, media, consumers, suppliers of raw materials and machinery. Europur also contributes to the efforts to establish standards for polyurethane industry and is active in the development of safe production techniques for both human health and environmental protection.


What are your sales targets in export markets for 2017, and target markets?

Our export department was established in 2013. At the beginning targeted countries was rather limited in number, 10 to 12. As of 2017 we reach to 53 countries. Our aim in coming years is to expand them more and to produce more value for the national economy. We targeted to sell our products in every country and every market that we can reach up.


In terms of popularity, trends and ergonomic points, what are the specs of the most preferred foam type?

Stress and energy that are accumulated as a result of high pace in the work places and in daily lives can only be moderated with a complete and efficient sleep. Thus, the most preferred foams are that, they have to cover wholly the body, to distribute the pressure evenly. The high resilience foams and visco elastic foams are the best type to meet these requirements of effect and response principles. Visco foams minimize the involuntary movements during sleep by balancing the pressure and becoming a strain gauge. High resilience foams on the other hand applies the same pressure to every part of the body as effect and response principle. This makes sleep experience for the people more comfortable, efficient and fully satisfied.



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