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Güney Celik aims to continue its success in spring wire

Güney Celik, which is very successful in wire production, wants to have an important place in spring wire production. As a company that constantly renews itself and is open to improvement in every sense, Güney Celik offers its customers a very good service with its R&D and innovation processes. We talked to Ömer Kaplan, Foreign Trade Manager of Güney Celik, which aims to grow in its sector and increase its exports. Providing information on details we wanted to learn, Kaplan touched upon the issues of the sector and his brand.

I want to start with the pandemic period that affects all manufacturing companies in the world positively or negatively. What did you do during this period? What effects did the pandemic have on you?

Everyone was very confused and did not know what to do. When we arrived in April, May and June, the states closed their borders and this situation put all the producers in a difficult situation in the early days of the pandemic,. We were also very impressed during this period, but this situation did not cause us serious problems afterwards. European countries could not buy enough products from China during this period and had difficulties to supply. Therefore, it turned the direction of European countries to Turkey. This situation has been very good for us. We have gained new markets and new customers. We turned the negative effects of the pandemic into positive effects.

“We are doing innovation research”

Do you have new searches in your industry?

The world is changing and developing day by day. people want to have affordable and quality products. For this reason, manufacturers and customers are always in search of a new product. While the producers want to provide the best service, the consumers aim to get the best quality service. Therefore, there will always be R&D processes in our industry. We are doing innovation research like all manufacturers. We have to be in all kinds of developments in order to compete at the same level with other companies.

You say that you are involved in R&D and innovation research. So, what kind of work do you do on this subject?

We do our work in the iron and steel sector. Our R&D departments are constantly working to come up with new products. The biggest aim of our R&D team is to constantly find innovative products. We are doing everything we can, to carry out this ideal.

How do you provide raw material supply?

We supply our raw materials domestically. We buy the raw materials we need from companies in our country. However, we also buy raw materials from abroad. In this sense, although we buy more from the domestic market, we also have international connections.

Do you encounter any problems while purchasing your products?

We can have many problems depending on the place and time. One of our biggest problems is the changes in the price of raw materials. I think it would be better if raw material suppliers make a price announcement in a quarterly period like in Europe. In this way, the problems between the supplier, company and the customer can be solved.

“Our company works with 85% export in wire products”

European countries could not supply enough from China. Therefore, it turned the direction of European countries to Turkey. This is an important development for you in this period. Thus, your exports have increased. I want to hear your thoughts on this subject.

Our company works with 85% export in wire products. After the European countries turned more towards our country during the pandemic period, we increased our export capacity. With all our products, our company’s total export rate is 65%. Our domestic sales rate is 35%. Therefore, we are aware that we have to work harder to reach more markets and customers. We will continue our work in the best possible way.

“We plan to increase our current capacity”

How do you see your place in the industry and what are your future plans? Besides, I would like to learn about your goals.

We export abroad with limited capacity in our spring wire production. We plan to increase our current capacity even more in 2021 by making new investments. We are an export-oriented company. One of our biggest goals is to show our success in wire products also in spring wire products. If we reach this goal, i believe we will be more recognized in Europe.

You talked about your sales and goals in general. When we look at your sales, it is obvious that you are a successful company. What is your biggest secret in your success?

Our biggest secret in our success is that we constantly make new investments with R&D and innovations. One of our biggest goals is to produce innovative products that will make us different in the industry. Thus, we know that we will make our customers more satisfied. It is very important for us to satisfy our customers by continuing to produce quality product.