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Innovations and trends in mattress fabrics, Gökmen Kara

Addressing to the world trade press members, Dr. Gökmen Kara, Sales & Marketing Manager of Boyteks, a worldwide innovative mattress ticking manufacturer based in Turkey, has recently delivered a speech at Interzum Guangzhou in the subject of “Innovations and Trends in Mattress Fabric”. He stressed the need for innovation in fabrics to be competitive and to serve better to the industry. Kara’s speech attracted a great deal of interest from press members as well as from the professionals of the industry. His presentation follows:

“Innovation is a new idea, or more-effective device or process. It can be explained as the application of better solutions that meet new requirements. It means generating new service, system, process, or enhancing existing ones.

Innovation can mean changing your business model to offer better products or services.


In this global world, the ones, who are not able to follow the changes, are on a hiding to nothing. Humans spend one-third of their entire life sleeping. It is beyond the doubt that the importance of sleep in undeniable. Accordingly one of the areas that deserve innovation the most should be mattress. Our mattress is an environment in where we can support our body, which is revitalized/refreshed while sleeping, in the most efficient way without making an additional effort. Therefore, we should always keep our mattress fabric up-to-dated and adopt it for continuously evolving human requirements.

Sleep, contrary to popular myth, is not a process in which the entire body systems remain passive. Body cells are repaired during sleeping.

Restoration and renewal of body cells are performed during sleeping. We can support it through innovative products and start the new day with a rejuvenated state. We can not only support the requirements needed for sleeping process and to achieve a quality sleep through innovation but also specialize it.

Rapid elimination of undesired odors,

Protection against electronic waves,

Promoting sexual desires,

Remaining cool and dry are some of those.


Our certain products named Cooler, Aura Fresh and Romance can assist you to understand this subject better.


The body temperature of an adult human should be maintained at 37°C. There should be a slight decrease (around 0,5°C) in body temperature at the time of falling asleep in nighttime. Cooler has a very high heat flow capacity and thus increases the coolness feeling.


It purifies the air in sleep environment. It eliminates undesired odors without masking and trapping and odors that are hazardous to human health. It has an infinite loop therefore its effects do not disappear in time. It does not generate any waste in post-reaction process.


Romance stimulates your feelings. It has a well-being effect enabling you feel better. Due to its aphrodisiac effect, it helps you to be more impassionate and prurient.


Bedrooms are now used as living space, not only for sleeping. People spend more time in their bedrooms due to busy schedules and lack of leisure time.

Manufacturers began producing customized and functional products nowadays to answer this need. In recent years, we see that people prefer smaller rooms.

In addition to these, we can observe that people change their beds in shorter periods than usual… Due to some reasons like increasing divorce rates, living separately and the development of large – scaled investments such as hotel, hospital etc. Covers and washable mattress are preferred.


Nowadays, mattress producers are using fabrics for the base which is suitable for top mattress.”


Dr. Kara was requested to make lucky drawing for the audience.

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As always Boyteks had a charming booth at Interzum Guangzhou’s international hall.


Dr. Gökmen Kara

BOYTEKS Kayseri Marketing Manager

Ph.D. Gökmen Kara, marketing manager of BOYTEKS, has obtained his doctorate degree in marketing department in the University of Istanbul. He has taken office in various companies within Boydak Holding since 2004 and helped the positions such as manufacturing engineer and chief of manufacturing. He assumed the position of regional sales coordinator in BOYTEKS Istanbul office between 2008 and 2014. After that he has been assigned in BOYTEKS Kayseri mattress ticking manager in June 2014. Currently he holds the tittle of BOYTEKS Kayseri mattress ticking marketing manager.

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