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Innovation lesson by Honi in China

Turkish businessman Onder Honi made an interesting presentation at Interzum Guangzhou to motivate the audience concentrate on innovation.

Onder Honi, Vice General Manager of Boyteks Tekstil “Innovation on Mattress and Mattress Ticking”. The presentation aroused great interest and the attendees listened the presentation with great attention.

Honi defined what innovation is: “Innovation generally refers to renewing, changing or generating effective processes, products or ways of doing things. For business, this could mean implementing new ideas, developing dynamic products or improving your existing services. Innovation can be a catalyst for the growth and success of your business, and help you adapt and grow in the marketplace.”

After furnishing the audience with details about innovation supported with interesting pictures mostly showing new ideas adding value on products, bread types in his example as regular bread and added with olive, nuts, etc., to show the change, Honi lectured the mattress and mattress ticking case in 11 titles.

Why we need innovation for mattress and mattress/ticking?

Honi gave the important titles for this questions and outlined each: Giving reason to the end-consumer to change their mattresses at their home; having advantage against competitors; for adapting new technologies to the mattress industry and increasing sleeping quality of people; adding value to the people’s living style; helping people’s health; increasing comfort of the people; sleeping on natural materials; for safe and clean sleep; to make life easy, and to save the earth.

Onder Honi outlined the success story of Boyteks and its adherence to innovation and R&O studies. He interrelated innovation with Ametist and then Boyteks’ case with special information about triple fresh mattress ticking and biorytmic sleep mattress ticking, Ametist, triple fresh and biorytmic sleep…

“The simplest way to prove of regulating the body communication is mechanical balance tests.  These tests are a certain proof that the product shows its effect in a short time…” Honi concluded.