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Leotext is on the road in world markets

Though being very young in the yarn industry, Leotext depends on its foreign partners for running fast on the road to world markets.

Having 36 years of experience in the sector, Ugur Aslan Aydin, chairman of the company explains their plans to be a supplier of quality yarns.

 On his past in the sector

I have accumulated 36 years of experience in the field of stitching and embroidery yarns. My son knows about the industry and world markets. We have a foreign partner, as well. Leotext, headquartered in Bursa Free Trade Zone, is active in the distribution of high technology Italian, German and Swiss made machinery and the products made in China.

On the staff of the company

We work with a solution oriented, high talented, highly dynamic people who are knowledgeable about markets in the country and abroad. Since its foundation in 2013, our company offers quality yarns to world markets by its lean production process that reduces costs. So, we are able to quote the best prices to our prospects for the long run. We serve especially for world markets. However, upon demand coming from domestic buyers, we target this segment, as well.

On products that demanded by mattress manufacturers

For the customers in this market, we provide high performance yarns that were backed by a wide range of color choice and technical applications. Our product, Leofil 60-70-80 is a high strength, 100 percent polyester high segment yarn is used in quilt chain and locking stitches. It is for faster stitching, durable against rubbing, chemicals and open air conditions.

Leotex 90 and 180 yarns are texturize, low spin, high stretch, high strength 100 percent polyester stitching yarn. It is used as sub yarn in chain stitching in looper machinery.

Leobobbins stitching yarns is a high performance sub yarn and is suitable for higher speeds for locking stitches. It has variety of thickness. Leocore PP and Leocore PCC yarns are made of polyester and polyester/cotton.

On development activities

We have anti-static, flame retarded, and anti-bacterial yarns in our line. Recently, we added a polyester yarn that is melt at lower temperatures. Production process is also measured and controlled by our development team to produce better results.

On exports

Leotext is an exporting company. Operating in free trade zone, we provide logistics services also. American continent is our major market, where our quality and prices have been accepted.

World markets is like a system. Any small activity in one part of it effects many other changes in other parts. We are like a deep-rooted plane tree, who emphasize on the long-term relations with our business partners, namely our customers.