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Kar-as: Satisfied with our performance at ISPA Expo

Kar-as Board Member M. Önder Aslan said that they signed new commercial collaborations at the ISPA Expo 2024 exhibition held in the United States of America.

Stating that the ISPA Expo fair held in Ohio, USA this year is one of the most important events of the mattress industry, Kar-as Board Member Aslan emphasised innovation and technology. Mr. Önder stated that both the stand designs and the innovative works they made in their products were quite remarkable at the fair and added that the ISPA Expo fair was also instrumental in new commercial relations and solution partnerships for them.

Mr Aslan explained the performance of Kar-as at ISPA Expo as follows; “ISPA Expo is an important platform to follow the latest developments in the American mattress industry and to create co-operation opportunities. As Karas, we participated in this exhibition, exhibited our products and interacted with the industry players in the U.S. As we have been doing in every exhibition for years, we displayed a professional approach during this exhibition. Our stand attracted attention with our innovative products and solutions. As a company that exports to all over the world, we focused on innovation and technology by introducing our new products at the exhibition in order to improve the visionary image we have created so far and to represent our country in the best way. We aimed to stay in a competitive position by following the developments in the sector. As a result, as Kar-as, we are satisfied with our performance at ISPA Expo. This exhibition provided an important opportunity to create new business opportunities and follow the developments in the sector.”