Anasayfa / ACTUEL / Mattregate: We obtained new opportunities at ISPA Expo 2024

Mattregate: We obtained new opportunities at ISPA Expo 2024

Tayyip Tanrıöven, CEO of Mattregate, stated that they had the experience of testing the current dynamics in the American market and the potential of the market at ISPA Expo 2024.

Stating that they made preparations for the fair at least 3 months in advance together with the sales and marketing team and the company’s production engineers, Tayyip Tanrıöven assessed the performance of the fair; “The ISPA fair was very productive for our company to meet with our business partners and customers in America and South America in 2024, to meet our potential customers and to present our latest products and production capabilities to our visitors. It also helped us to determine our 2025 targets in that region and shed light on our future targets.”

Tanrıöven, who evaluated that the fair was directly separated from both the European and Turkish fairs in terms of visitor portfolio and potential as it hosted the customer population that can make purchases from both European and Turkish fairs, said: “As Mattregate, it was a great opportunity and experience for us to test the current dynamics and potential of the market, and it is our greatest wish that our cooperation in the region, which is already one of our main markets, will continue to increase and contribute to the exports of both our company and our country.”

Emphasising that evaluating customer feedback and the latest trends in the industry during the exhibition process will help to further strengthen product development and marketing strategies, Tanrıöven said; “This experience can provide a solid foundation for future growth and success by enabling our company to maintain its competitive position and continuously innovate. As a result, the ISPA exhibition has contributed greatly to increasing our company’s influence in the international arena by enabling us to both strengthen our existing business relationships and discover new opportunities. With the experience we have gained for future exhibitions, we will move forward by further strengthening our strategic plans.”