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Kırayteks: We are pleased with the intense interest welcomed at Interzum

Kırayteks Board Member Onur Kırayoğlu said that Interzum Cologne 2023 Fair was productive for Kırayteks.

He stated that the fair hosted many visitors from the global mattress market and the number of visitors met the expectations. Saying that they showcased their newest collections at the fair, Onur Kırayoğlu stated that there was a great demand for the products and their business meetings were very productive.

“Interzum Fair has always been a fair that meets expectations”

“Due to the experience and professionalism of the organization and the fact that the participating companies are always above a certain level, interzum has always met the expectations and needs of its e/hibitors and visitors. This year’s edition has been one of the best examples of this. Our wish is that this stability will continue and grow even more in the coming years,” Onur Kırayoğlu commented.

“Our industry will grow in global fairs such as Interzum”

As a sector in itself, the Turkish mattress components sector is considered a young sector. If we make a separate evaluation, of course, we see that there are well-established companies that produce in many raw material classes from textiles to chemicals, iron and steel. However, if we consider all of them as the bearing components sector, we must state that our sector is a developing sector. The place where this development will take shape in the most accurate and fastest way is global fairs. Interzum is one of the leading fairs among these global fairs and has an indispensable importance for the development, growth and maturation of our sector.