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Mattregate: interzum fair was a unique opportunity for our 2024 vision

Mattregate’s CEO Tayyip Tanrıöven said that they developed a magnificent vision for the new year at the interzum Cologne 2023 Fair.

Expressing that they have great expectations for the fair, Tayyip Tanrıöven said that these expectations were not in vain and that the customers they hosted at the fair were satisfactory both in terms of quantity and quality. Stating that the organization was organized flawlessly in every sense and that the fair deserved to be the biggest fair of its own, Tayyip Tanrıöven stated that this fair was extremely beneficial in determining the target markets for 2024 and focusing on these markets.

interzum fair will be the cornerstone of our 2024 vision

What we saw at the interzum fair shows us that this fair held in the middle of the year will already help us determine the vision for the next year. In order to realize our 2024 targets, we will evaluate the demands of our visitors at the fair and carry out the necessary feasibility studies to sell the right product, in the right place, to the right people.

Turkish mattress industry will come to the places it deserves

Although our industry is a well-known and recognized industry in terms of its classification in the global commercial arena, it has not yet received the value it deserves. We need to turn our companies into companies that compete with the giants of the world and develop our products to be the best in their field. We need to stand out in fairs such as interzum, which are the biggest in their field. If we look at the general image of the Turkish mattress components industry at the Interzum Cologne 2023 Fair, our other companies share the same mission as me. Because it was a fair where the Turkish presence felt both in terms of number and quality. In addition, we became one of the leading countries of the fair in terms of innovation. In this sense, I congratulate our fellow industry stakeholders. My wish is that this situation will continue to increase and the Turkish mattress components industry will rise even more in solidarity.