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Milkay: Interzum Fair performed better than we expected

Milkay Deputy General Manager Abdullah Nursaçan, in his general observations and analyzes about interzum Cologne 2023 Fair, said that the fair has been better than expected.

Abdullah Nursaçan, who said that the excessive demand after the pandemic had a positive effect on the supply curve, said that this sudden situation brought along other needs. Expressing that fair, which are the meeting point of supply and demand, find themselves at the top of these needs, Mr. Abdullah stated that fairs are important investments, just like machinery or raw material investments.

interzum fair paid off for the investment made for it

interzum Cologne 2023 Fair is a very important fair for our sector. Due to the fact that it was canceled in 2021 because of the pandemic and the 4-year gap since the previous fair, our industry’s longing for this fair has increased. Although many large and small fairs have been organized towards the end of the pandemic process, interzum fair is an organization where we can meet with our customers more easily. It is really pleasing to see our friends and competitors from the sector, both in national and international trade, at the fair, after a 4-year hiatus. As in previous years, the investments made in this fair were paid in return. In other words, this is how it is, at least for us and our friends we meet. We hope that the situation is the same for the whole sector.

Turkish mattress industry made its presence felt in interzum

Interzum Cologne 2023 showed us that the Turkish mattress industry has the potential to exceed its own capacity and is on its way to becoming one of Turkiye’s most important domestic industries. Both the qualitative and quantitative superiority of the Turkish companies in the fair, the interest of the visitors to our companies and the unity and solidarity of the Turkish companies in the field show that we will do much better work in the coming years. I would like to express my gratitude to the IBIA Association, of which I am a Member of the Board of Directors, and to Osman Güler, our president of the association, who did not spare no effort their support from Turkish companies in terms of unity and solidarity.