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Kozmos Tekstil keeps pace with the crisis

A leading manufacturer of mattresses, mattress covers and similar digitally printed products, Kozmos Tekstil is known for its innovation, vast experience and reliability in business.   As every company over the globe, Kozmos also faced the challenge of coronavirus and took necessary measures to cope with the pandemic situation. Its main concern was taking care of the health of its staff and meeting demands in retail and wholesale business. We asked the details of the operations of Kozmos to Ömer Karışman, technology manager of the company.

What is the biggest challenge you have been facing these days?

During the pandemic and the resulting self-isolation terms our business, like many others, was tested in the hardest environments. What is happening is one of the most global events we have seen in our lifespan. Our biggest challenge was to maintain our fulfillment promises to both our retail and wholesale customers while understaffed and facing a logistics crisis. International shipping options and prices have changed overnight while demand increased.

Have you been re-organized for working in terms of production, logistics and distribution?

I am proud to say that we were fully prepared for a case of remote work and shift management. We have pioneered in introducing work-from-home thanks to all the precautions and proactive decisions. During such unimaginably big and chaotic situations it is very hard to succeed with reactive decisions. Still, the fine balance of protecting health while maintaining job security was very hard each and every day. I must add that even though we were prepared, it was only to some extent. Having every variable change in production, logistics and distribution was difficult. We are still operating with essential personnel on premises.

Are there any changes in pre-programmed projects and objectives, such as fairs, export operations, solutions, etc.?

We are re-evaluating our exhibition program. We expect low attendance in the foreseeable future.

Is there any message you would like to underline?

I must emphasize the importance of an online presence, now more than ever. Especially the mattress industry is just exploring the potential of ecommerce. With offline shopping experience being limited, demand for online shopping hugely increased. A significant portion of this increase was new market penetration.

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