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Elektroteks strictly manages its operations with measures against pandemic situation

*As one of the most leading mattress manufacturing and exporting companies of Turkey, Elektorteks takes utmost care for its employees and customers on the one hand, it meets the requirements of the industry with an exemplary organization.

Elektroteks is an innovative and powerful mattress manufacturing line manufacturer. It has an excellent flexibility when developing machinery according to rising demands in the industry. It showed an impressive flexibility in coping with the virus crisis with excellent precautions by reorganizing its staff and operations. We asked the details of these works to Baran Ozis, sales engineer at the company.

What is the biggest challenge you have been facing these days?

Elektroteks has been following current developments and news in the World as well as WHO from the very beginning of this unprecedented pandemic outbreak. We have been giving tremendous effort to be conscientious in terms of understanding virus spread mechanism and precautions for that. We completely re-organized working hours for every single crew in our facility and mandate them to obey some physical rules.

Have you been re-organized for working in terms of production, logistics and distribution?

For sure! Otherwise, it is hard to be survival. It is still dependent to humanity not to let World to turn into post-apocalyptical world. You cannot get away by ignoring how important is this contagious disease and organizing became business management challenge amongst the companies for whom think it is serious condition. We have reduced our production volume by nearly 50 percent and let most of the staff to work remotely at home and arranged our employees to be at the factory site in days following consecutive day offs. No one is allowed to sit next to each other in the shuttles in the mornings and at the end of the days. We’ve isolated some units from each other during the day and closed pathways and corridors in the building. Social distancing is a key element especially for the lunch and tea breaks, our staff is instructed to keep 1.5 meter distance each other. I believe that we don’t need to mention about masks and put hand sanitizers in every unit. Company cars are cleaned every single day. No one is in company allowed to start shift without their fever is being inspected with contactless thermometer. We have faced some restrictions in terms of product supply for sure like everyone did. Some of our customers had to postpone their deliveries. In the meantime, Elektroteks service team conducted remote installation to our customer’s factory for delivered equipment.

How do you evaluate the role of associations you were in during this period? Who were with you during this troublesome period?

Turkish government financially act supportive during this transition era and did not let companies to fall apart as much as they can do. This help should be continued since pandemic is not over yet and authorities portrays it will last long. There still are certain labor loss in industry.

Are there any changes in pre-programmed projects and objectives, such as fairs, export operations, solutions, etc.?

We are very fond of international fairs and full-time participant of them but as current situation points out that is not even a chance to hold an international organization across the globe, we will most likely conduct our market relations individually apart from exhibitions. As you may know ISPA 2020 has been postponed and eventually canceled. Elektroteks will stay tuned in act according to latest situation. We remain at entire disposal of our customers and collaborate for export operations. Still, regulations and restriction may instantaneously change on borders and we try to stay up to date with going on news.

Is there any message you would like to underline?

Well, this is very challenging time for all the World and obviously it is not going to disappear in the short term. In the meantime, managers should encourage their employees to work by motivating psychologically. And precautions that we have done so far in our site due to corona, will most likely remain solid and daily rules are not even going to be violated for long term. We highly recommend the same for everyone and stay precautious.


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