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Mert Makina is in the best markets of the world with its production power

The company, which continues its production in the best way with its experience and production power, is making progress as one of the best machine manufacturers in the world.

Compensating many needs of the sector with its machines with the best technology, Mert Makina started its production in 1993. The company has developed a machine park to provide the best service to mattress manufacturers. Mert Makina, which produces all kinds of mattress machines, continues to be one of the most important companies in the sector for many years. The company offers the best service to its customers with its experience in machinery.

We talked to Mehmet Demirok, Member of the Board of Mert Makina, which has a different position in the sector with its production power and experience. Stating that they always want to be in the best markets, Mehmet Demirok emphasized that they have great respect for all their competitors.

How did you decide to start this business? First of all, i would like to learn about your work and plans in machine production.

In this industry, we have a story that has been going on for 30 years. I planned my education and business life according to this sector. This business is a family business for us. Therefore, we have great responsibilities. Ever since i was a kid, i always wanted to be in this business. Therefore, i worked with the masters in many departments related to machine production. In order to be more successful in this sector, i graduated from the Department of Electrical and Electronics.

I gained experience in both software and R&D departments. I pioneered the application of many innovative ideas to our machines. I am currently in marketing activities in the sales department. In addition, i continue to work as a Board Member of our company.

Could you please give information about your production capacity and product range? Also, i would like to know your usage areas.

We are currently able to prepare a newly established mattress facility on turnkey basis in about 1 month with our new investments. We have tripled our capacity in the last year with the new investments we have made. Our target capacity will be much higher with our future investments.

Our products are used in many industries. As you know, our machines are primarily used in the mattress industry. Afterwards, it is also used in sectors such as furniture, home textiles and automotive.

What is your most requested product?

Our most requested machine by our customers is our quilting machines. Our machine portfolio includes production lines, packaging machines, edge sealing machines, border machines and off-balance cutting machines. From time to time, we have different densities on different machines. In the last two years, the highest demands have been for roll pack machines.

What do you think about R&D and innovation? Do you continue to work on new products?

As you know, technology changes day by day. We have always tried to adapt ourselves to the best technological conditions. We strive to produce the best quality machines.

We currently have a very strong R&D team and we are constantly working on new machines and existing machines. In addition, we are working on new machines that the industry does not know yet. We believe that these studies will provide great benefits to the mattress industry in the future.

How do you supply raw materials?

Most of the products we use come from Europe. For this reason, we unfortunately supply raw materials from abroad.

I would like to learn about the main reasons that make your products different in the industry. Why do your customers choose you?

Thanks to our experience from the past, we produce powerful and long-lasting machines. We have customers that we have worked with for over 20 years and their machines are still working very well. This makes us very proud. We are trying to produce long-lasting, easy-to-use and problem-free machines by combining our experience with technology.

In addition, one of the most important factors that enables us to progress is our after-sales service. Thanks to our structuring within the company and in certain countries, our customers are satisfied with our after-sales service.

Which countries do you export to and what is your export target? Also, what is the ratio of your exports to your total sales?

Currently, the number of countries we export to is 105. Our export rate is over 95%. We determine our export target as turnover and number of countries. We aim to be a leader in the countries in our target market.